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Working Principle and Advantages of Intelligent Vortex Flow Meter
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Working Principle and Advantages of Intelligent Vortex Flow Meter

The working principle of intelligent vortex flow meter:

The intelligent vortex flow meter uses the principle of fluid oscillation to measure flow. When the fluid passes through the vortex flow transmitter in the pipeline, two rows of vortices proportional to the flow velocity are alternately generated behind the vortex generator of the triangle column. The release frequency of the vortex is related to the average speed of fluid flowing through the vortex generator, and width of the vortex generator, which can be expressed by the following equation: f=Stv/d


In the equation:

f is the release frequency of the vortex;

Hz; v is the average velocity of the fluid flowing through the vortex generator;

m/s; d is the characteristic width of the vortex generator;

m; St is Stroha number, dimensionless, and its numerical range is 0.14-0.27. St is a function of Reynolds number, St=f(l/Re).

When the Reynolds number Re is in the range of 102~105, the St value is about 0.2. Therefore, in the measurement, try to satisfy the Reynolds number of the fluid at 102~105. The vortex frequency f=0.2v/d.

It can be seen that by measuring the frequency of the vortex, the average velocity v of the fluid flowing through the vortex generator can be calculated, and the flow rate q can be calculated by the formula q=vA, where A is the cross-sectional area of the fluid flowing through the vortex generator.

Advantages of intelligent vortex flow meter:

1. Unlike ordinary differential pressure flow meter, which has longer pressure-inducing pipelines, intelligent vortex flow meter is easy to install and maintain, avoiding the problems of easy leakage, easy blocking, and easy freezing;

2. Use digital technology to process and output a pulse signal proportional to the flow rate without loss of accuracy;

3. There is no zero drift problem;

4. Reasonably determine the caliber to obtain a wider measurement range;

5. Can measure high temperature, high pressure liquid and gas medium;

6. Corrosive media can be measured.

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