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Wiring and Debugging of Electromagnetic Flow Meter
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Wiring and Debugging of Electromagnetic Flow Meter

1. Wiring of electromagnetic flow meter

Before wiring the electromagnetic flow meter, correct installation orientation and direction should be confirmed. Clean the site and connect the wire only after there is no dust. Wiring of electromagnetic flow meter includes power cables, input/output signal lines, sensing signal lines and ground wires. In the above wiring process, we should pay attention to the wiring of the following types of wirings.   

2. Debugging of electromagnetic flow meter

(1) Inspection and preparation before debugging

Before debugging the electromagnetic flow meter, the pipeline and flow meter should be thoroughly inspected to clean up the sundries in the pipeline. In addition, oily medium pipeline needs to be dried.    


The inspection before debugging includes the inspection of electrical circuits. First of all, the ground wire should be tested, and other lines should be tested and checked only after the grounding is reliable, so as to avoid the capacitive effect of the lines, the storage of electricity, or the destructive effect of the measuring power supply on the instrument. In addition, insulation resistance and grounding resistance shall be tested.   

(2) Water debugging

Before formal debugging of instrument for measuring water-based medium, suspended liquid or oil-based medium, the electromagnetic flow meter should simulate the temperature, pressure, flow rate and other conditions of the actual measured medium for water debugging. In case of abnormality or missing parameters during the water test, the instrument should be individually tested or sent to the production unit for verification.  


(3) System debugging

The system debugging should be carried out after the water test of single function of electromagnetic flow meter and the preparatory debugging of control host. The pipeline of oily medium needs to be dried before inputting the measured medium for system operation.

When debugging the system, the host system should carry out code scanning on each measuring point in advance to ensure that all instrument components are in normal working condition before functional debugging. During functional debugging, the host system reads the parameters of each instrument, tests the critical value alarm, and then writes the control data. Debug one by one, and send the relevant data to the relevant boarding stations for analysis.

After the debugging of electromagnetic flow meter is completed, 24-hour uninterrupted measurement should be carried out under continuous working conditions. Observe the stability and reliability of the measured data and carry out proofreading in combination with other measurement methods. Pre-acceptance of the system should not be carried out until all electromagnetic instruments of the system can run according to the design requirements.

(4) Ground wire

Because the working current of electromagnetic flow meter is small, it is easily interfered by the change of external electric field. So its power supply and signal line need to be equipped with ground wire to ensure the accuracy of measurement data and eliminate the frequent oscillation of data during measurement.

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