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Why Does the Petroleum Industry Need Explosion Proof Pressure Transducers
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Why Does the Petroleum Industry Need Explosion Proof Pressure Transducers

The petroleum industry has the characteristics of oil vapor being flammable and explosive. The flash point of oil is relatively low, and the density of oil vapor is relatively large, which is difficult to disperse to a certain extent. It often floats on the flat ground between the storage space and the operating platform. In low-lying areas, the frequency and danger of fires have been greatly increased. Therefore, the petroleum industry needs explosion proof pressure transducers to prevent such incidents from happening.

Why does the petroleum industry need explosion proof pressure transducers?

Accurate information is that the electronic pressure transmitter that guides many monitoring operations must be very rugged and durable.

The pressure transmitter can provide accurate pressure and liquid level data for the equipment, which greatly increases the safety of construction personnel. These sensors should be very robust. The explosion proof pressure transducer can provide explosion proof protection and increase safety.

The 40,000 fixed oil fields around the world rely on a large number of meters and industrial pressure transmitters to maintain stable, efficient and safe operation and provide security.

FEEJOY is a professional pressure transmitter manufacturer. Our instrument experts can analyze your oilfield operation conditions and the instruments and transmitters you need every year. Using our leading knowledge in the industry, we can also provide you with relevant types of spare parts to ensure uninterrupted operation.

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