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What Is the Application Range of Turbine Flow Meter?
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What Is the Application Range of Turbine Flow Meter?

Most people may not understand the application process of metering equipment, such as turbine flow meter. There are many options for the applicable scope of this equipment. At present, it is divided into gas, liquid and steam flow ranges. If subdivided, there are the following two types:

(1) When the turbine flow meter and other equipment are actually used, the turbine flow meter can be applied to mutually insoluble liquids, and can also be applied to two sets of classifications. The whole pulsating or rotating flow has a more serious impact on the whole socket flow meter. If the pulsation frequency or the whole socket frequency can be adjusted together, a series of problems will occur, which will damage the normal operation and equipment.

(2) During the actual use of turbine flow meter, both liquid turbine flow meter and gas should be controlled to be used within a reasonable range. The instrument coefficient of the whole equipment and the frequency resolution are relatively low. The instrument caliber should not be too large. We need to know related information when we actually use it.    

According to the above introduction, we should apply turbine flow meter according to the field difference, and apply different configurations according to the flow range.

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