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What Are the Related Factors That Affect the Accuracy of the Flow Meter?
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What Are the Related Factors That Affect the Accuracy of the Flow Meter?

At present, whether it is industrial or agricultural water scheduling, the data measured by the flow meter must be used as a reference to further compile a feasible water planning and utilization mechanism. Flow meter is a commonly used tool for modern industrial measurement. Accurate data can be obtained by arranging professionals to perform operations in accordance with standards. However, the flow meter also faces different stability in the use stage. It is a relatively common phenomenon that the accuracy coefficient index is low. This problem will affect the final water distribution efficiency. At present, the factors that affect the accuracy of the flow meter include: personnel factors, instrument factors and data factors.

1. Instrument factors that affect the flow meter instrument

With the deepening and development of industrial science and technology research results, different types of flow meters have become more diverse. From the perspective of flow meter division only, flow meters can be divided into rotor flow meters, throttling flow meters, slit flow meters, volumetric flow meters, and electromagnetic and ultrasonic flow meters, etc. According to the medium, there are mainly liquid flow meters and ultrasonic gas flow meters. The use range of each type of flow meter is different. If the instrument product selected does not meet the actual application requirements, the standard coefficient of the obtained data will inevitably be reduced after the overall measurement, and the uncertainty of the accuracy standard of the flow meter will greatly affect the accuracy of the instrument operation. 

2. Personnel factors that affect the flow meter instrument

As a professional instrument in industrial production, environmental protection, energy measurement and other operations, the use of flow meters has professional standards for the operation process. If the measurement personnel's operation process is not standardized, professional, and ununiform, it will be the subjective factor that reduces the accuracy of the flow calculation data. Taking water conservancy level measurement as an example, the investigators made mistakes in setting the position and measurement range of the meter, which misled the measurement and control process of the meter, and the final data obtained was quite different from the actual measurement index. In addition, if the personnel are familiar with the instrument but operate blindly, it will also reduce the accuracy of the instrument.

As the core of industrial development, the flow meter is of great significance for accurate measurement to realize the standardization of production, reduce material consumption caused by various processes, and can comprehensively improve the comprehensive utilization efficiency of various resources. With the popularization and application of flow meters in various fields, people have higher and higher requirements for the accuracy of flow meters, which is the basic condition to ensure subsequent operations. Therefore, the operator must ensure the accuracy coefficient of the flow meter in order to better allocate the flow direction of regional resources.

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