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What Are the Product Advantages, Applications and Classification of Air Vibrators?
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What Are the Product Advantages, Applications and Classification of Air Vibrators?

This product works by making use of air compression and exhausting high pressure gas, which goes through the air tube and connects to the inlet of the product. If the gas pushes the pistons up, the upper chamber of piston will subsequently be squeezed, and when gas is discharged from the exhaust vent position, then gas will pass by air drain and air passage and the direction of air exhaust will be switched. Then gas will enter into the upper chamber again. The high-pressure gas will repeatedly push the piston up and down, and this is how the so-called air vibrator works.

1. Advantages and applications of air vibrators

Air vibrator is small in size and basically is resistant to break down. Besides, its installation and maintenance are also convenient. Because air compression is available, the air consumption is relatively small, and at the same time, environmental protection and energy saving can be given consideration to. And in the process of operation, it can be quickly started and closed with a convenient operation. Air vibrators have a wide range of applications, low replacement cost and easy maintenance.

2. What are the classifications of air vibrators?

According to the energy consumption form and working principle of air vibrators, this product can be basically divided into two categories: One is rotary vibration and the other is linear vibration. Pneumatic turbine vibrator works mainly by the use of rotating eccentric runner. The linear vibrator works on a similar principle to the car engine, using the kinetic energy generated by reciprocating up and down piston motion.

The above is the analysis of the product classification of air vibrators and the advantages and applications of air vibrators. So far, air vibrators have been widely used in the fields of food processing, pharmaceutical processing, pesticide and chemical fertilizer processing, which have played a great role in the fatigue testing of parts structure.

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