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What Are the Methods to Select a Radar Level Meter?
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What Are the Methods to Select a Radar Level Meter?

Now, radar level meters are used in many industries because of various advantages. The radar level meter is not only easy to be installed, but also has high measurement accuracy. If you want to get a radar level gauge with high accuracy, it's better to master some selection skills. Next, we will tell you how to choose a better radar level gauge.

Ⅰ. Check the measuring range of the radar level meter

If the measurement range of the radar level instrument we choose does not meet the actual requirements, it will fail to accurately measure the data and damage the radar level gauge. We need to calculate the measurement range that the light wave of the radar level gauge touches from the bottom of the tank. If the shape of the tank bottom is special, it cannot be measured. In addition, to measure whether the medium is corroded, we also need to learn more about the meter.

Ⅱ. The moving medium measured by the radar level meter needs to be equipped with a stilling wave tube

If the medium we measure is moving, then in order to ensure the accuracy of the radar level transducer, it is best to fix the still-wave tube at the bottom of the tank and then fix it in the middle. When measuring the liquid level of the welding radar, it is necessary to ensure the smoothness of the inner wall of the stilling wave tube so that the concave and convex points do not interfere with the guided wave.

Ⅲ. If the level of radar level meter is lower than the standard of the liquid level, we need adjust the zero point correctly

When the radar level gauge is measuring a medium with a low dielectric constant, if its level is lower than the measured value of the liquid level, then we need to adjust the zero point to a position higher than the bottom of the tank.

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