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What are the Characteristics of Temperature Transmitters?
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What are the Characteristics of Temperature Transmitters?

I believe everyone is familiar with the temperature transmitter. This article is mainly to talk about its main features, so that everyone can better understand the temperature transmitter.

The temperature transmitter can be used in conjunction with the measuring element to convert the temperature or temperature difference signal into a unified standard signal output. It can also convert other process parameters that can be converted into a DC millivolt signal into the corresponding unified standard signal output to achieve the display, record and automatic control of temperature parameters. It is used in conjunction with its response secondary instrument or computer acquisition and measurement system, which can accurately measure the temperature of various media or objects in the process of production tasks (application limit -200℃~1600℃). The thermal resistance develops to the resistance value transition through the induction temperature. The temperature transmitter adopts silicon rubber or epoxy resin material sealing structure, so it is resistant to vibration and humidity, and can be installed and used normally in harsh on-site environments.

Features of temperature transmitter:

The use of integrated operational amplifier with low drift and high gain improves the reliability and stability of the instrument;

A linearization circuit is set in the thermocouple and thermal resistance temperature transmitter, so that the output signal of the transmitter and the measured temperature are linear, which improves the accuracy of the transmitter and facilitates indication and recording; Safety spark explosion-proof measures are adopted in the line, and a DC/AC/DC (DC/AC/DC) converter is added, which also has the function of a safety barrier, so it can measure DC millivolt signals and temperature signals from dangerous places;

It can be directly installed in the sensor junction box, with accurate signal, remote transmission (maximum 1000M), high precision, anti-interference, long-term stability, and maintenance-free. This series of products has been widely used in various industrial fields.

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