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Ultrasonic Sensor for Fuel Level Measurement
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Ultrasonic Sensor for Fuel Level Measurement

The integrated ultrasonic oil level measurement sensor is a sensor device that uses ultrasonic detection technology to measure the height of oil and liquid substances without contact. The sensor has a built-in powerful magnet, a built-in anti-interference data processing model to intelligently filter and compensate for environmental interference; a high-accuracy calculation model, with a measurement resolution of millimeters, protection of a metal shell, suitable for containers of various materials such as metal, plastic, which is the king of cost performance among oil level measurement sensor.

Ultrasonic Fuel Tank Level Sensor

Compared with traditional detection equipment, the integrated ultrasonic sensor for fuel level measurement has high measurement accuracy and is easy to use. The ultrasonic fuel level sensor can be installed externally (without destroying the container structure) and can be connected to networked equipment to realize network monitoring and management.

Ultrasonic Sensor for Fuel Level Measurement

Ultrasonic Fuel Flow Meter

1. Intelligent management and cost saving

As a professional ultrasonic level sensor supplier, we provide the sensor detects the fuel level in the fuel tank, and provides the data of the level to the system platform to realize artificial intelligence management of automobile fuel, effectively preventing the occurrence of theft and fuel leakage.

2. Intelligent operation, one-to-one data

The type of level transmitter can realize the Data collection and analysis through intelligent management monitoring system. It can collect data on fuel volume and mileage at any time, analyze the current real-time fuel volume and fuel consumption per 100 kilometers of each vehicle, and provide fast, economical and reliable transportation routes for operating vehicles through data management planning.

Ultrasonic Sensor for Fuel Level Measurement

3. Reasonable allocation of resources, no waste

Through intelligent management and big data analysis, the fuel consumption status of each vehicle can be effectively controlled and resources can be allocated reasonably.

4. Big data construction

The system platform analyzes the rationality and accuracy of each set of data, establishes big data for vehicle operation, and realizes the interconnection of everything.

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