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FEEJOY Turbine Flow Meter is a new type of intelligent measuring instrument integrating turbine flow sensors and display integration calculation. The turbine type flow meter adopts advanced ultra-low power single-chip microcomputer technology with anti-lightning and low-cost features. As a turbine flow meter manufacturer, we supply a liquid turbine flow meter to measure the volume mass of a gas or liquid to improve the precision, accuracy, and resolution of fluid.
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Features of Turbine Flow Meter

Intelligent liquid turbine flowmeter is a new type of precision flow control instruments integrating turbine flow sensor and display integration calculation developed by advanced ultra-low power single-chip microcomputer technology. 

  • Anti-lightning

  • Low cost

  • Other obvious advantages

Working Process of Turbine Flow Meter

Flow meter with turbine measurement first converts the flow rate to the speed of the turbine, and then converts the speed into an electrical signal proportional to the flow. This kind of flowmeter is used to detect instantaneous flow and total integrated flow. Its output signal is frequency, which is easy to digitize. 

The induction coil and the permanent magnet are fixed on the housing together. When the ferromagnetic turbine blade passes the magnet, the magnetic resistance of the magnetic circuit changes, thereby generating an induction signal. The signal is amplified and shaped by the amplifier and sent to a counter or frequency meter to display the total integrated flow.

At the same time, the pulse frequency undergoes frequency-voltage conversion to indicate the instantaneous flow. The speed of the impeller is proportional to the flow rate, and the number of revolutions of the impeller is proportional to the total amount of flow. 

The output of the turbine flowmeter is a frequency-modulated signal, which not only improves the anti-interference of the detection circuit, but also simplifies the flow detection system. Its range ratio can reach 10: 1, and the accuracy is within ± 0.2%. The time constant of the turbine flowmeter with small inertia and small size can reach 0.01 seconds.

Development of Turbine Flow Meter

Turbine flowmeters in Europe and the United States are the second legal natural gas flowmeters after the orifice plate flowmeters. They have been developed into multi-species, full-range, multi-specification, mass-production natural gas flow meter

The standard specifications are also very complete, but there are also shortcomings: the cleanliness of the measurement medium is high, and the use period is limited. However, according to foreign usage departments: 240 flowmeters that have been used for 8 to 15 years have been periodically verified and found that the accuracy deviation of the instrument is still within the specified range. 

In addition, a high-efficiency rectifier is coupled with the turbine flow sensor to form a gas turbine flow meter with an integrated structure. Only 2D straight pipe length is required when the upstream side flow block is an elbow or a half-open stop valve. It is a very outstanding feature for the narrow installation space for urban use.

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