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The Working Principle and Composition of Ultrasonic Flow Meter
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The Working Principle and Composition of Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Ultrasonic flowmeter is a kind of non-contact instrument that has only appeared with the development trend of integrated circuit chip technology in the past decade. It is suitable for accurate measurement of fluid mechanics and large pipe diameter flow that are not easy to touch and observe, which is an ideal environmentally friendly flow meter.

1. Working principle of ultrasonic flow meter

The ultrasonic flow meter working principle is that when the ultrasonic wave spreads in the fluidity of fluid mechanics, it carries the information content of the fluid mechanics water flow. Then according to the received ultrasonic wave, the water flow of fluid mechanics can be checked, and then the total flow can be calculated. According to the inspection method, it can be divided into different types of ultrasonic flowmeters such as rapid propagation difference method (time difference method, phase difference method and frequency difference method), Doppler method, beam deflection method, noise method and related methods. There are two key types of measurement methods most commonly used at this stage: time difference method and Doppler effect.

2. Working advantages of ultrasonic flow meter

a. The external clamp type ultrasonic flow meter can complete non-touch flow measurement. Even if it is a plug-in or internally attached ultrasonic flowmeter, its pressure loss is basically zero. The convenience and rationality of measuring the total flow are the most convenient.

b. Ultrasonic flow meter can accurately measure water, gas, oil and various substances, and it can be applied in a wide range of industries.

c. The manufacturing cost of ultrasonic flow meter is basically irrelevant to the specifications. It has the comprehensive core competitiveness of affordable price and convenient installation in large-diameter flow meter measurement places.

d. The portable ultrasonic flow meter can measure the total flow on pipelines of various pipe diameters and materials only by itself. It is the preferred flowmeter for online calibration, verification or period verification as a standard meter species.

e. Ultrasonic flow meter has its basic principle of flow measurement. It is convenient to trace based on two basic physical quantities, length and time. It can be expected that it will eventually turn a flow meter that crosses other basic principles into a total flow specification or even a plasmid carrier for the total flow standard.

f. Ultrasonic flow meter consume very little energy and can easily complete a long-term rechargeable battery power supply system. Coupled with an excellent intelligent system server, it can easily carry out Internet wireless communication, and its application prospects are broader.

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