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The Specific Water Level Measurement Method of the Pressure Sensor
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The Specific Water Level Measurement Method of the Pressure Sensor

At present, in a variety of liquid level measurement methods, the use of pressure transducer to measure water level has many advantages. In the water level and well depth of rainwater wells in urban tunnels, the pressure transducer is a more effective water level sensor alarm device.

Various measurement methods of liquid level:

We can find that the pressure sensor can be used in the water level alarm work during the urban flood season. So, how exactly does the pressure sensor realize the water level monitoring and alarm?

We know that liquid level is a type of measurement that is often encountered in daily and actual production.

There are many ways to measure the liquid level, the common ones are mechanical buoy, static, magnetic, ultrasonic, and laser. Due to the different measurement principles, the selection should be flexibly selected according to the actual measurement conditions and requirements. Among them, it includes a liquid level measurement method based on a pressure sensor, which is also a common liquid level measurement method.

We know that the most direct use of pressure sensors is to measure gas and liquid pressure or pressure, but with only a little use of the relationship between liquid pressure and liquid height, the pressure sensor can be used for liquid level measurement.

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