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The Requirements for Selecting Pressure Transducers
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The Requirements for Selecting Pressure Transducers

Based on different application and needs, we have to make reasonable selection of pressure transducers. The principle is to buy the proper pressure transducer at the most economical price.


Confirm the measuring range of pressure transducer

In general, it is necessary to select a sensor / transmitter with a pressure measuring range of about 1.5 times larger than its maximum value. In many test systems, especially in hydraulic measurement and processing, there are continuous irregular fluctuations and peaks, which can damage the pressure transducer. And continuous high pressure or the pressure that is slightly exceeding the maximum value of the pressure sensor / transmitter will shorten the life of the sensor.

Determine the measuring medium of pressure transducer

Generally, viscous liquids (such as crude oil), coal slurry, mud and other sediments will often block the pressure interface and affect the operation of the level pressure transducer. In this case, isolation membrane (i.e. flat film structure) sensor is needed to directly contact with the medium for pressure measurement. When the solvent contains corrosive substances, the material compatible with these media should be selected as the isolation membrane. Otherwise the life of the sensor will be affected.


Determine the accuracy of pressure transducer

Generally, the higher the accuracy of the pressure transducer, the higher are the cost and sales price due to additional processes, calibration and compensation technology in the production process. Therefore, users should not solely pursue high precision pressure transducer but to make reasonable decisions based on the real requirements.


Confirm the temperature range of the pressure transducer

Usually, a transmitter will be calibrated for two temperature ranges, that is, the temperature range of normal operation and the range of temperature compensation.

Normal operation temperature range: within this range, the product will not be damaged under the working state. If the temperature exceeds compensation range, the performance index of the application may not be reached;

Temperature compensation range: if the product works within this range, it will reach its expected performance index.

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