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The Prospective Application of the Ultrasonic Sensor Transmitter
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The Prospective Application of the Ultrasonic Sensor Transmitter

1. Application of ultrasonic sensor transmitter

Generally speaking, the blocking distance ultrasonic level transmitter can be widely used in the monitoring of material level (liquid level), robot collision avoidance, various ultrasonic proximity switches and other related fields with the advantages of reliable work, which has characteristics of easy installation, high sensitivity, low emission included angle, convenient connection with industrial display instruments. What's more, it also provides the probe with a large emission included angle.

Of course, in addition to the automotive field, ultrasonic sensor transmitter can also be used to detect liquid level, detect transparent objects and materials, control tension and measure distance. It is mainly applied in fields including bottle making, packaging, material moving, inspection of coal equipment, plastic processing and the automotive industry. Ultrasonic sensor transmitters have been recognized by some experts in the industry for their application in defect detection and process monitoring to improve product quality.

2. Characteristics of ultrasonic level transmitter

In general, the ultrasonic sensor transmitter has the characteristics of low cost, small size, low power consumption, easy installation and maintenance. In addition, it can realize non-contact measurement and  not easy to be affected by electromagnetic, light, smoke, the color of the measured object and other interference factors. It can work in the dark, smoke, dust, electromagnetic interference and other complex environments. Based on these advantages, the future application scenarios of ultrasonic sensor transmitters may be more diversified.

Looking at the international world, in the field of vehicle-mounted ultrasonic radar, the gap between countries is not big, when it comes to meeting the requirements of reversing assistance and other functions. Looking at the future sensor market, the sensors with characteristics including high performance, intelligence, integration, multi-function will become the mainstream development trend. In terms of application fields, industrial engineering, automotive electronics, communication electronics and consumer electronics are the main markets for sensors. And the application of sensors in the market of automotive electronics and communication electronics is expected to gain momentum.

In addition, the impact of self-driving cars on existing sensor manufacturers and technologies is huge. Some high-end sensor markets will also expect more players to join in the future, and laser radar or intelligent sensor modules will also play a more important role in vehicle status monitoring, vehicle driving environment sensing and other aspects.

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