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The Necessity of Electromagnetic Flow Meter for Water Supply Enterprises
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The Necessity of Electromagnetic Flow Meter for Water Supply Enterprises

The advantage of the electromagnetic flow meter is that it has a strong ability to eliminate interference from external factors. It is suitable for flow measurement of conductive liquids. The output current has a linear relationship with the instantaneous flow rate, and the measurement range ratio is also very wide. Therefore, it is an inevitable trend for water supply companies to choose such high-precision and high-stability flow meters.

Water supply companies should consider the following issues when choosing electromagnetic meters.

1. Power supply of electromagnetic flow meter

Because the electromagnetic flow meter needs to be installed with an external power supply, it is inconvenient to form an outdoor device, and it also limits the application of the electromagnetic flow meter in the suburban pipe network. In addition, electromagnetic flow meters generally do not have their own power supply when they work. Once the power is cut off, there will be a loss of data for the flow meter used as a settlement water meter. This will raise new questions about the measurement and calculation of the lack of water during the power-off period, so that more workload has been added. 

The lithium battery version of the electromagnetic flow meter can have its own power supply, which can basically handle this problem, and will also promote its application in settlement water meters.

2. The signal transmission of electromagnetic flow meter

The electromagnetic flow meter used in the regional pipe network can provide certain decision-making information for the urban water supply dispatch, so we hope that the electromagnetic flow signal for the user settlement or the regional pipe network is real-time and continuous. If the electromagnetic flow meter can complete the automatic conversion and wireless transmission of the signal in the instrument itself while working, and reduce the interference of data collection compatibility or mutual conversion, it will facilitate the use of enterprises and the application of electromagnetic flow meters.

3. Lightning protection of electromagnetic flow meter

Whether it is an electromagnetic flow meter for settlement water meters or regional measurement, in relatively open suburbs, the lightning protection of electromagnetic flow meters is a relatively severe test. After the grounding and power protection are strictly done, the probability of lightning strikes for electromagnetic flow meters installed in open areas is still high. If it is damaged by lightning, we can only purchase a new converter, which is costly. Users usually make ground nets, and install lightning rods to avoid lightning. This effect is very obvious, but it also has to deal with land use rights and harmony planning with the surrounding environment, and the procedures are relatively complicated. 

Therefore, the simplest and most effective method is to improve the lightning protection performance of the flow meter itself. If it cannot be solved fundamentally, the internal circuit should be separated and maintained, so that even if the lightning strike happens, the cost can be reduced.

The intelligent electromagnetic flow meter is developed based on a standardized manufacturing system. Its advanced design concept ensures the high precision and high reliability of the product. Compared with the old electromagnetic flow meter, it has high measurement accuracy, strong reliability and stability, good performance, complete functions, long service life and other advantages. So it is widely used in industrial production.

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