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The Installation of the Magnetostrictive Level Sensor
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The Installation of the Magnetostrictive Level Sensor

1. Installation forms of magnetostrictive level sensors

Magnetostrictive level sensors are mainly installed in the following forms: Threaded installation, connector installation, locating ring installation, suspension installation or special customization according to the needs of users (according to different models). Before installation, it is necessary to verify whether the name brand of instrument is consistent with the design requirements and whether it adopts to field conditions.

Floater installation: The magnetostrictive level sensor arrives after the manufacturer has assembled it. According to the actual situation of the installation site, it is sometimes necessary to remove the floater and spacer bush from the probe rod. To ensure that the measurements are correct, the floater must be reinstalled in the correct direction. The end of the floater marked with top for SMP or top for AT should be installed in the direction of the input level indicator of the digital display meter towards the head of transmitter. Some floaters may be marked with arrows. If a floater is not marked with any directional information, it may be imaginary and can be mounted in any direction. If there is no mark on a floater, there will be an extra roll gap to indicate the top half of the float.

2. Precautions for installation of magnetostrictive level sensor

Special notices should be taken during installation: When installing the flexible probe rod, do not bend the rod into a ring of less than 4 feet in diameter at any point, as this will permanently damage the components in the rod and prevent it from working properly. Lubricate the O-ring before the use of thread sealant to ensure the joint installation. For permanent installation, if necessary, nail or weld the joint, insert the flexible rod into the pipe assembly, and press the joint with 1X1 pipe threads to ensure that the flexible rod assembly is housed in the stainless steel sheath. Make sure components are securely installed and sealed to prevent moisture invasion.

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