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The Difference Between Three Common Kinds of Radar Level Transmitter
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The Difference Between Three Common Kinds of Radar Level Transmitter

The three most popular types of radar level transmitter currently in the market are high frequency radar level transmitter, guided wave radar level transmitter and intelligent radar level transmitter. Today let's look at the differences between the three types of liquid level meter.

Application areas:

The high-frequency radar level transmitter is suitable for large-range liquid measurement, such as measuring the water surface on reservoirs, dams, bridges, and drilling platforms. The maximum measurement height can reach 80 meters;

Guided wave radar level transmitter is suitable for explosion hazard areas, such as coal bunker, ash bin, oil tank, acid tank;

Intelligent radar level transmitter are suitable for areas that require very strict object position and high accuracy requirements, such as scientific and technological detection.

Technical aspects:

The transmission frequency of the high-frequency radar level transmitter is as high as 26GHz, and its signal analysis is therefore faster;

The measurement of the guided wave radar level transmitter will not be affected by changes in the medium, temperature, inert gas and other objects;

The intelligent radar level transmitter can convert its own running time into a level signal through internal electronic components, and its time extension method can also ensure the stability and accuracy of the measurement in a very short time.

The basic working principles of the three level transmitter are the same, but due to the different fields of application, the habits of the three are still slightly different. You can choose the right radar level transmitter according to your needs.

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