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The Application of Tuning Fork Level Switch in Dust Hopper
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The Application of Tuning Fork Level Switch in Dust Hopper

The dust hopper of the dust collector is a key part of the dust collection equipment, which collects the waste dust in the dust removal process. Taking the most widely used bag filter as an example, when the smoke containing a large amount of dust at the air inlet collides with the dust-blocking bag under strong negative pressure, the larger mass directly falls into the dust hopper, and the smaller mass is attached to the surface of the cloth bag, which is mechanically shaken by the external force of the reverse blowing or pulse jet valve airflow to  make all the cleaned dust falls into the dust hopper. Dust collectors that have been in working conditions for a long time generally work continuously, and clean the ash in the online compartment. At this time, a large amount of cleaned dust continuously falls into the ash hopper. However, the volume of the dust hopper is limited, so there must be a feedback signal to the PLC system before the dust in the dust hopper is full. In order to arrange time to clean up the dust in the dust hopper so as to continue working, a controllable ash unloading valve will be installed in the dust hopper to facilitate the transfer of dust. The feedback signal in the above process is produced by the level indicator.

1. Brief introduction of level indicator

The level indicator is an instrument installed in the dust hopper to detect the position of the dust. With it, you can know how much ash is in the dust hopper to arrange work. The level indicator can be divided into RF admittance level switch, cable type level switch, high temperature type level switch, radar level switch, tuning fork level switch,  and other level control instruments.

2. Application of level indicator

Level indicators are widely used and can measure position parameters such as liquids and solids. It is difficult to directly measure position quantities in storage equipment through various engineering principles, and can output electrical signals to facilitate alignment so as to realize automatic control. Generally speaking, the level indicator is an instrument that measures the position of an object.

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