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Test Methods of Pressure Transmitter
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Test Methods of Pressure Transmitter

It is very important to test the pressure transmitter when we are working with it. The test items and methods will be in line with your purpose. Following are three test methods of the transmitter.


1. Pressure test

The method is: supply power to the transmitter, blow the air hole of the pressure transmitter by mouth, and detect the voltage change at the output of the transmitter with the voltage gear of the multimeter. If the relative sensitivity of the pressure transmitter indicator is high, the fluctuation will be easy to see. If there is no change at all, it is necessary to use a pneumatic source to apply pressure.

Through these operations the condition of a transmitter can be essentially detected. If accurate test is needed, it is necessary to use a standard pressure source to pressure the transmitter. Then, calibrate the transmitter according to the level of the pressure and the change value of the output signal. And if conditions permit, test the temperature of relevant parameters.

2. Test of zero point

Use the voltage gear of the multimeter to test the zero-point output without applying pressure. The output is generally mV-level voltage. The zero-point deviation of the transmitter is out of range if it is out of the technical indexes of the transmitter.

3. Test of bridge

It is mainly to test whether the working circuit, generally full bridge circuit, of pressure transmitter is correct. The impedance between input terminals and between output terminals measured by the ohm gear of multimeter are the input and output impedance of pressure sensor. If the impedance is infinite, the bridge is disconnected, indicating that there is something wrong with the transmitter or the definition of the pin is not correctly judged.

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