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The Temperature Measurement System Developed By Feejoy
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The Temperature Measurement System Developed By Feejoy

The temperature measurement system developed by Feejoy within one week measures one person in 0.3 seconds! (2020.2.11)

In the past two days, with the resumption of work by the enterprises, the railway Jinshanwei Station's passenger flow has also rebounded significantly. The two door-type infrared thermometers at the entrance and exit of the station suddenly became the "gate gods" to protect the city during the epidemic.

Door-type Infrared Thermometers

The temperature of a passenger can be measured in 0.3 seconds, and the error is only 0.1 degrees to 0.3 degrees. Once there is a passenger with abnormal body temperature, the temperature measurement system will automatically alarm. And such a tall temperature measurement system was developed by Shanghai Feejoy Technology(Shanghai)Co.,ltd located in Jinshan Industrial Zone within one week.

It turned out that Liu Qifu, the chairman of the company after the 1970s, saw that the epidemic had spread quickly, and he actively canceled his plan to return to his hometown in Guizhou to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Although her young daughter was not long after her birth, the raging epidemic made it difficult for Liu Qifu to calm down. What can I do?

"Is there a thermometer?" Many friends asked Liu Qifu about temperature measuring instruments because they knew that one of Feejoy's businesses was industrial temperature measurement. Liu Qifu started a new thinking while helping friends and related departments to provide as much as possible with his own resources.

Yes, the instruments for measuring body temperature must be in short supply. Liu Qifu with technical background has always been good at studying. So, the efficiency of the forehead gun is too low. Can you set up a temperature measurement system?

A Temperature Measurement System

On the fifth day of the new year, Liu Qifu started calling 10 key employees who had not left Shanghai to recall them one by one. Later, he put forward his ideas and everyone. Just do it. Liu Qifu and his colleagues spent more than 50 hours in the workshop, developing software, buying hardware, assembling systems ...

However, during the Spring Festival, many manufacturers did not start work, and finding accessories was not easy. During the development process, I encountered an important accessory, and many parties asked about it in a company warehouse in Kunshan. However, the other party needed red-headed documents to enter the enterprise. Therefore, with the support of the material security team of the district epidemic prevention and control headquarters, Liu Qifu and his colleagues rushed to Kunshan overnight with the issued certification materials.

In this way, one week later, Liu Qifu and colleagues finally made the first door infrared temperature measurement system. After repeated comparisons and calibrations, they locked the temperature difference to within 0.3 degrees.

On February 9, they quickly contacted the Municipal Public Health Clinical Center. Not only was the donation free, but Liu Qifu personally led his colleagues to help install it.

Subsequently, Feejoy continuously optimized and improved the system, and quickly launched version 2.0 and 3.0.

On February 10, after they installed two temperature measurement systems at Jinshanwei Station, the city's metrology and testing technology institute carried out calibration, and the test error was stable at about 0.1 degrees.

In the afternoon of February 11, Feejoy donated a door-type temperature measurement system to Jinshan Middle School.

"At the moment of the epidemic, we want to do our best to do something to fight the epidemic." Liu Qifu is not good at words.

It turned out that the idea can be turned into reality within a week, which is derived from the company's long-term scientific and technological research and development strength. Since the company was established nearly 20 years ago, it has been committed to high-tech enterprises engaged in the research, development, production and sales of industrial control field instruments. The products cover all kinds of float level switches, temperature transmitters, thermocouple / thermal resistance temperature sensors, electromagnetic flow meters Wait for the development and production of dozens of products.

Temperature Transmitters

For example, when comparing the temperature measurement equipment of Jiangsu Muyang Group, Feejoy's product response time was only 4 to 5 seconds, while similar products imported from Germany also took at least 8 seconds. In the end, Feejoy, which is not a large body, won.

However, Feejoy, which has always been low-key, is not in a hurry to expand production capacity. Liu Qifu said that we hope to develop well and develop healthily and steadily.

But in the past two days, in response to the epidemic, Liu Qifu and his colleagues fired up the production of door-type infrared temperature measurement systems, hoping to reach the maximum production capacity as soon as 100 sets per day.

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