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What is Quality Control?

Quality Control is known as QC and focuses on identifying a defect. QC ensures that the approaches, techniques, methods and processes are designed in the project are following correctly. QC activities monitor and verify that the project deliverables meet the defined quality standards. Quality Control is a reactive process and is detection in nature. It recognizes the defects. For example, the flow meter instrument does not meet industry requirements cannot pass QC. Quality Control has to complete after Quality Assurance.

What is The Difference in QA/QC?

Many people think QA and QC are the same and interchangeable but this is not true. Both are tightly linked and sometimes it is very difficult to identify the differences. Fact is both are related to each other but they are different in origins. QA and QC both are part of Quality Management however QA is focusing on preventing defect while QC is focusing on identifying the defect.

Here is the exact difference between Quality Control and Quality Assurance that one needs to know:

Quality AssuranceQuality Control
It is a process which deliberates on providing assurance that quality request will be achieved.QC is a process which deliberates on fulfilling the quality request.
A QA aim is to prevent the defect.A QC aim is to identify and improve the defects.
QA is the technique of managing quality.QC is a method to verify quality.
QA does not involve executing the program.QC always involves executing the program.
All team members are responsible for QA.Testing team is responsible for QC.
QA Example: VerificationQC Example: Validation.
QA means Planning for doing a process.QC Means Action for executing the planned process.
Statistical Technique used on QA is known as Statistical Process Control (SPC.)Statistical Technique used on QC is known as Statistical Quality Control (SPC.)
QA makes sure you are doing the right things.QC makes sure the results of what you've done are what you expected.
QA Defines standards and methodologies to followed in order to meet the customer requirements.QC ensures that the standards are followed while working on the product.
QA is the process to create the deliverables.QC is the process to verify that deliverables.
QA is responsible for full software development life cycle.QC is responsible for software testing life cycle.

Quality Control Picture Display

Product inspection for quality control
Product inspection for quality control
Product online test for quality control
Product online test for quality control
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