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Vibration Fork Level Switch
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FEEJOY Vibration Fork Level Switch, you can also call it a tuning fork level transmitter or tuning fork type level switch, has no moving parts, no maintenance and adjustment. So this tuning fork level transmitter is an upgraded product of the float level switch. The vibration type level switch is a type of level switch. The tuning fork level switch mainly uses the tuning fork resonance principle to measure the level status. Our tuning fork type level switch is suitable for almost all liquids, including coating liquids, aerated liquids and slurry, as well as powders with good fluidity and no adhesion. The unique fork design and inherent vibration characteristics of the fork type level switch can guarantee the automatic removal function.
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Specification of Vibration Fork Level Switch

We can manufacture according to customer's specification like:

Product Namehot selling types of vibrator fork level switch
Process connectionThread/flange/Cluck
Wetted MaterialSUS304, SUS316L, SUS spray coating PTEE
Process temperatureMax 180 Deg C
Process pressure220VAC 5A/24VDC 3A
Ambient Temp.-20°C~70°C
Insert depthcustomized
Top & Low Position AlarmHLFS(high-level alarm); LLFS(low-level alarm)
Explosion-proofExdII CT6, ExdII BT4
HS code9032899090

Advantages of Vibration Fork Level Switch

The tuning fork level switch has the characteristics of long service life, stable performance, safety and reliability, strong adaptability, no adjustment, and no maintenance, and is mainly used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, light industry, food, and other process control industries.

It is not affected by foam, vortex, and gas, and is suitable for fixed-point alarm or control of solid material level in various silos and liquid levels in various containers.

Features of Vibration Fork Level Switch

  • Strong adaptability: The different electrical parameters and density of the tested liquid have no influence on the measurement. Harsh conditions such as scaling, agitation, turbulence, bubbles, vibration, medium viscosity, high temperature, and high pressure have no effect on the detection.

  • Maintenance-free: Since the detection process of the tuning fork limit switch is completed by an electronic circuit, there are no moving parts, so once installed and put into operation, no maintenance is required.

  • No adjustment required: Since the detection of the tuning fork limit switch is not affected by the electrical parameters and density of the measured medium, no on-site adjustment is required regardless of the measured liquid.

FEEJOY can supply OEM service for vibration fork level switches among all level switches manufacturers, which include process connection, wetted material, top and low position alarm, etc.

Typical Application of Vibration Fork Level Switch

For solid materials, the main measurement is free-flowing medium density solid powder or granules. For example, fly ash, cement, sand, stone powder, plastic particles, salt, sugar, etc.

For liquid materials, it mainly measures explosive and non-explosive dangerous liquids, corrosive liquids (acid, alkaline solutions, etc.), high-viscosity liquid water, acid, alkali, mud, paper pulp, dyes, oils, milk, alcohol, beverages, etc.

The tuning fork level switch is widely used, mainly for powders and small particles with a wide density range, such as the detection of the dust inlet and outlet pipe plugging, dust collector dust level measurement, plastic, rubber powder, flour, Limit measurement of various food crops, food, chemical products, etc.

For liquids of various properties: limit detection of various media such as slurry, viscous, easy to foam, corrosive, and so on.

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