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Feejoy Temperature Transmitter with thermocouple (resistance) integrated temperature transmitter and temperature transmitter are field-installed temperature transmitter units in the temperature series of meters. The smart wireless temperature indicator transmitter with display consists of thermocouple, thermal resistance and temperature transmitter modules. Feejoy Temperature Transmitters, offered by the temperature transmitter manufacturer- Feejoy, are widely used in industries such as Petroleum, Chemical engineering, Metallurgy, Electric, Textile, Light industry and other industries.
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Introduction to High Temperature/Temp Pressure Transmitter

If the transmitter consists of two sensors used to measure the temperature difference, there is a given continuous function relationship between the output signal and the temperature difference. It is called a temperature transmitter.

There is a given continuous function relationship (usually a linear function) between the output signal of the transmitter and the temperature variable. The output signal of the transmitter produced in the early stage has a linear functional relationship with the resistance value (or voltage value) of the temperature sensor.

The digital wireless combined pressure and temperature/temp transmitter with a non-linear correction circuit, uses a two-wire system that can directly measure the temperature of liquid, gas and various characteristics in the range of -200~1600°C in the industrial process. And the wireless temperature transmitters with sensors, made by the high temperature pressure transmitter supplier- Feejoy, convert the temperature signal into a linear 4~ The 20mADC current output signal is sent to the display, adjustment and recording instrument or computer for distributed control.

The temperature heat transmitter at a good price, can be used with moving coil instruments, digital display instruments, recording instruments, regulators, computers, etc. to form various temperature measurement control systems.

Advantages of Temperature Indicator Transmitter

The integrated temperature transmitter has the advantages of simple structure, lead saving, large output signal, strong anti-interference ability, good linearity, simple display instrument, anti-vibration, and moisture-proof solid module, reverse connection protection, and current limiting protection, and reliable operation.

The output of the integrated temperature transmitter is a unified 4 ~ 20mA signal; it can be matched with the microcomputer system or other conventional instruments. It can also be made into explosion-proof or fire-proof measuring instruments according to user requirements.

Find here more information about wireless thermocouple temperature transmitter and find the right one for your measurement.

Types and Components of Temperature/Temp Transmitter

The temperature indicator transmitter has an electric unit combination instrument series and miniaturized modular type, multi-function intelligent type. The former does not have sensors, the latter two types of transmitters can be easily combined with thermocouples or thermal resistances to form transmitters with sensors. In recent years, smart temperature transmitters and wireless temperature transmitters have entered the market and are welcomed by customers.

The integrated thermal resistance temperature transmitter is a relatively small temperature indicating transmitter that can be installed in the junction box of the thermal resistance. The integrated temperature transmitter is generally composed of a temperature measuring probe (thermocouple or thermal resistance sensor) and a two-wire solid electronic unit. The temperature probe is directly installed in the junction box in the form of a solid module, thereby forming an integrated transmitter. Integrated temperature sensor transmitters are generally divided into two types: thermal resistance and thermocouple type.

The thermal resistance temperature transmitter is composed of the reference unit, R / V conversion unit, linear circuit, reverse connection protection, current limit protection, V / I conversion unit, etc. After the thermal resistance signal of temperature measurement is converted and amplified, the nonlinear relationship between temperature and resistance is compensated by a linear circuit, and a constant current signal of 4 to 20 mA in a linear relationship with the measured temperature is output after the V / I conversion circuit.

Head mounted transmitter is the beginning of a new era of industrial temperature measurement. Now head mounted temperature transmitter with display is also popular in our market. The head mounted transmitter is installed on the head of the sensor, so the wiring is minimal, and the transmitter parameters can be remotely programmed, such as temperature range, temperature sensor type and other parameters. Features of head mounted transmitter: head transmitter is a multi range three wire temperature transmitter with PT100 or PT1000 input and 0-10V output. The main application field is HVAC, in which the control system usually needs 0-10 V output signal.

Various kinds of high temperature pressure transmitters have been entered into daily life. As a temperature transmitter manufacturer, we can produce qualified temp transmitters for customers and custom products according to your demands. Also, our temperature transmitter prices are more affordable than the prices of other factories. If you want to know more about heat transmitters, please contact us. Feejoy, being one of the temperature transmitter suppliers, will surely give you satisfying replies.

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