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Feejoy Temperature Sensor is a high temp/temperature pressure transducer type which belongs to the technical field of temperature monitoring devices for substation equipment. The problem, solved by the accurate high temp/temperature pressure measurement sensors, is that in the long-term operation of the equipment, the joints, contacts, switches, intermediate heads and other parts of various high-current equipment in the switch cabinet will cause contact due to reasons such as manufacturing, transportation, poor installation and aging.
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Introduction to Accurate Temperature Measurement Sensor

A temperature sensor refers to a sensor that can sense temperature and convert it into a usable output signal. The temperature sensor is the core part of the temperature measuring instrument, and there are many varieties. According to the measurement method, it can be divided into two types: a contact type and non-contact type.

The resistance of the heat temperature measuring transducer is too large and heats up. If the temperature of these hot parts cannot be monitored and cannot be overhauled in time, it will eventually lead to a fire accident. In response to this situation, the industrial high temp/temperature pressure sensor, made by the high temp/temperature pressure transducer supplier-Feejoy, provides a convenient device for monitoring the temperature of the contact points of the substation equipment. When the high temperature ultrasonic transducer, which is produced by one of the reliable temperature transducer manufacturers, is fixed on an AC cable or other object to be measured with an alternating current through the alloy sheet and the buckle screw, if the AC current through the cable or the object to be measured is ≥5A, the sensor can generate electricity through induction and induce a voltage to Self-powered. The sensor head on the accurate temp/temperature pressure sensor is attached to the object to be measured, and the measured temperature value is transmitted to the node device or the upper computer through the 2.4G wireless communication technology.

Comparison of Temperature Sensor/Transducer Types

Thermocouple Temperature Sensor

According to the characteristics of sensor materials and electronic components, it is divided into two types: thermal resistance and thermocouple.

The thermocouple is the most commonly used temperature sensor in temperature measurement. The main advantage is that it has a wide temperature range and adapts to various atmospheric environments, and it is sturdy, low-cost, and does not require a power supply. The thermocouple is composed of two different metal wires (metal A and metal B) connected at one end. When the thermocouple is heated at one end, there is a potential difference in the thermocouple circuit. The measured potential difference can be used to calculate the temperature.

In short, the thermocouple is the simplest and most versatile temperature sensor, but the thermocouple is not suitable for high-precision measurement and application.

Thermal resistance Temperature Sensor

Thermistors are made of semiconductor materials, most of which have a negative temperature coefficient, that is, the resistance decreases with increasing temperature. Temperature changes will cause large resistance changes, so it is the most sensitive temperature sensor.

Thermistors also have their own measurement techniques. The thermistor's small size is an advantage, it can be quickly stabilized without causing the thermal load. However, it is also not very strong, and large currents will cause self-heating. Because the thermistor is a resistive device, any current source will cause heat on it due to power. The power is equal to the product of the current squared and the resistance. Therefore, use a small current source. If the thermistor is exposed to high heat, it will cause permanent damage.

How Does a High Temperature Pressure Sensor/Transducer Work?

The high temp pressure transducer is composed of a thermocouple, thermal resistance and temperature transmitter module. The temperature is measured by an electrical signal. When the temperature of the two metals that make up the high temp pressure sensor changes, the voltage or resistance will be generated. In the pressure temperature transducer, the output current signal is linear with the temperature signal and is sent to the display, adjustment recording instrument or computer for distributed control. In the recent market, there exist many kinds of temp transducers, such as high temperature ultrasonic transducers, accurate temperature sensors, industrial temperature sensors and so on. As one of high temperature transducer suppliers, we are able to produce qualified temperature measuring transducers and custom temperature transducers for customers. Also, our temperature transducer prices are competitive in the market. If you want to know more about heat transducers, please feel free to contact us. Feejoy, being one of the temperature transducer manufacturers, will surely give you satisfying replies.

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