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Standard Pressure Transmitter
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FEEJOY Standard Pressure Transmitter is the most commonly used sensor in industrial production. The pressure transmitter, as a type of capacitive transducers for pressure measurement, is widely used in various industrial automation environments. The pressure transmitter is a type of compound and capacitive pressure sensors with flanges and can measure static pressure.
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Introduction to Standard Pressure Transmitter

The electrical component of the standard pressure transmitter that senses pressure is generally a resistance strain gauge. The resistance strain gauge is a sensitive device that converts the pressure on the test piece into an electrical signal. The most widely used resistance strain gauges are metal resistance strain gauges and semiconductor strain gauges. 

There are two types of metal resistance strain gauges: filament strain gauges and metal foil strain gauges. Usually, the strain gauges closely adhered to the substrate that generates mechanical strain through a special adhesive. When the stress of the substrate changes, the resistance strain gauge also deforms together, causing the resistance of the strain gauge to change, so that the plus The voltage across the resistor changes.

The pressure transmitter is suitable for measuring the level, density and pressure of liquid, gas and steam, and then the pressure signal is converted into a standard current or voltage signal output. According to the pressure measurement range, the pressure transmitter can be divided into three types: general pressure transmitter (0.001Mpa~100Mpa), differential transmitter (0~1.5kPa), and negative pressure transmitter.

Application of Standard Pressure Transmitter

Standard pressure transmitter is the most commonly used sensor in industrial practice. It is widely used in various industrial automatic control environments, including water conservancy and hydropower, railway transportation, intelligent buildings, production automatic control, aerospace, military industry, petrochemical, oil wells, power, ships, Machine tools, pipelines, and many other industries.

There are two types of standard pressure transmitters, electric and pneumatic. The unified output signal of electric type is DC electric signal such as 0 ~ 10mA, 4 ~ 20mA or 1 ~ 5V. The pneumatic unified output signal is a gas pressure of 20-100 Pa.

The pressure transmitter cost is budget-friendly for your application, FEEJOY also offer custom cervice for specific applications.

Standard Pressure Transmitter FAQs

What types can standard pressure transmitters be divided into?

Pressure transmitters can be divided into force (torque) balanced type, capacitive type, inductive type, strain type and frequency type according to different conversion principles.

What is the main role of the pressure transmitter?

The main role of the pressure transmitter is to transmit the pressure signal to the electronic device, and then display the pressure on the computer. 

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