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FEEJOY Rotary Paddle Level Switch's driving device is a micro motor. The driveshaft is connected to the clutch. When the fabric isn't in touch, the motor runs normally. When the blade contacts the fabric, the motor stops rotating. The detection device outputs a Contact signal, at an equivalent time stop the facility, and stop rotating.
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Working Principle of Rotary Paddle Level Switch

When the level drop detection blade is no longer blocked, the detection mechanism relies on the spring tension to restore the original state. First, a micro switch acts, turning on the motor power to make it rotate. Then another microswitch action sends out no material signal, as long as there is no material blocking the rotation of the monitoring blade, this state will continue.

After the AC micromotor is decelerated, the monitoring blade is rotated slowly. When the material level rises and the rotation of the blade are blocked, the detection mechanism generates a rotational displacement around the main shaft. This displacement first causes a micro switch to act, sending out a signal of material. Then another microswitch acts, cutting off the power of the micromotor to stop it from rotating. As long as the material level in the warehouse remains unchanged, this state will continue to be maintained.

FEEJOY can supply OEM service for rotary paddle level switch among all level switch suppliers, which include material, color, power supply, etc.

Specification of Rotary Paddle Level Sensor

We can manufacture according to customer's specification like:

Product Name

Rotary paddle level switch
Materialstainless steel 304, 316
Colorblack and red
Power supply24VDC/220VAC
Process connection2-1/2" x 5kg flange or others customized
Process temperature-20-80℃
Rod length1m standard length or other customized
Installationvertical or horizontal mounted
Contact capacitySPDT 5A/250VAC
Blade Rotate Speed1RPM
Suitable Gravity≥0.4g/cm3
Protect GradeIP65

Installing Rotating Paddle Level Switch

In the process of using the rotary paddle level sensor, in order to achieve a safe and reliable effect, the following points need to be noted when installing the rotary resistance level switch:

  • Before installation, first confirm whether the model of the rotary resistance level switch meets the environmental requirements of the site, such as pressure, temperature, medium, etc., to ensure that the rotary resistance level switch can be used normally after installation.

  • Before installation, confirm that the power supply voltage is the same as the voltage marked on the nameplate.

  • According to the density of the measured medium, choose the best blade shape.

  • In order to ensure the safety of life and avoid damage to the rotary level switch, because the wiring is disconnected.

  • During horizontal installation, the switch can be installed at an angle of 15-20 degrees horizontally to avoid the impact of the feed and try to avoid the feed port.

Rotary Paddle Level Switch FAQs

What is rotary paddle level switch?

The rotary paddle level switch is the latest professional manufacture. It uses a micro motor as the driving device.

How does the rotary paddle level switch work?

As long as there is no material blocking the rotation of the monitoring blade, this state will continue.

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