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RF Admittance Level Transmitter
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FEEJOY RF Admittance Level Transmitter/Sensor is one of the most versatile technologies used in various continuous level applications today. As a proven technology in the most demanding process environment, the RF level transmitter overcomes the defect that the effect of conductive hanging materials cannot be eliminated. This RF level sensor is used in industrial and mining sites and is suitable for many applications. RF level sensors can be used for liquid, oil, and solid measurement liquids. Level (level) measurement. The FEEJOY RF Admittance Level Sensor is not affected by water vapor, dust or condensation, and has the advantages of long-term operation, stability and reliability, high sensitivity, good linearity, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, etc.
Choose FEEJOY RF Level Transmitter to obtain reliable, reliable and reliable performance.
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Specification of RF Admittance Level Transmitter

We offer various level transducer types and we can according to customer's different requirements to manufacture:

Product Nameradio frequency admittance fuel level controller
MaterialSUS304 and SUS 316L
Colorblack and red
Working Pressure230°C/3MPa
OutputDPDT relay(double-pole double-throw)
Contact Capacity220VAC, 5A-no sense, 3A-sense
Response Time0.2 S(standard)
Delay Time0.2~90(adjustable)
Explosion-proof GradeExplosion-proof: dIIBT4~T6
Intrinsic SafetyEx iaIICT4~T6

Introduction to RF Admittance Level Transmitter&Technology

RF admittance is a new level control technology developed from capacitive, anti-hanging material, more reliable, more accurate, and more applicable. It is an upgrade of capacitive level technology.

The so-called radio frequency admittance, admittance means the reciprocal of the impedance in electricity, which is composed of resistive components, capacitive components, and inductive components.

And radio frequency is the high frequency radio spectrum, so RF admittance can be understood as using high frequency Radio wave measurement admittance.

Features of RF Admittance Level Transmitter

  • Strong versatility: it can measure liquid level and material level, can meet the measurement requirements of different temperatures, pressures, and media, and can be used in harsh occasions such as corrosion and impact

  • Anti-hanging material: unique circuit design and sensor structure, so that its RF admittance level measurement can not be affected by the hanging material of the sensor, without regular cleaning, to avoid the wrong measurement.

  • Maintenance-free: There are no moving parts in the measurement process, there is no problem of damage to mechanical parts, and no maintenance is required.

  • Anti-interference: contact measurement, strong anti-interference ability, can overcome the influence of steam, foam and stirring on the measurement.

  • Accurate and reliable: Diversified measurement volume makes the measurement more accurate, the measurement of RF level sensor is not affected by environmental changes, has high stability and long service life.

RF Admittance Level Transmitter FAQs

What is RF admittance level transmitter?

The RF admittance level transmitter is a general-purpose level meter for continuous level measurement. The product is used in industrial and mining sites and is suitable for most applications.

What does RF admittance level transmitter consist of?

The instrument consists of a circuit unit and a set of explosion-proof housing and rod or cable sensor The components of RF level transmitter are composed of various types of sensors, and the instrument can be installed integrally or separately.

How does RF admittance level transmitter work?

When the meter of RF admittance level transmitter works, the sensor of the meter forms admittance value with the wall and the measured medium. When the level changes, the admittance value changes accordingly. The circuit unit converts the measured admittance value into a level signal output to realize the level measurement.

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