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Multi Point Level Switch
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FEEJOY Multi Point Level Switch can achieve the purpose of controlling the liquid level through the floating ball on the liquid surface. Our multipoint float level switch uses magnetism to work, without mechanical connection, and therefore the operation is straightforward and reliable. This is a customized multi point float switch. We can provide customers with floats of suitable specifications based on the liquid temperature, pressure, and pH.

Specification of Multi-Point Level Switch

We can manufacture multipoint ii level switch according to customer's specification like below:

Product NameMultiple point float level switch
Power supply220VAC
Process connectionthread or flange customized
Process temperature-30-130℃
Installationvertical mounted
Contact capacitySPDT 5A/250VAC
Suitable Gravity≥0.55g/cm3
Protect GradeIP65

Characteristics of Multi-Point Level Switch

  • Multipoint float level switch can be used for multi-point control. The position of the control switch can be customized according to user needs.

  • No power supply is needed when using the reed switch, and the contact life can reach 2 million times.

  • All switch outlets are in the same junction box, and the cost of external wiring is low.

  • Compared with other types of liquid level switches, the unit price of RF switch has the lowest unit price.

  • The protection grade of the junction box is above IP-65.

  • There are PP and SUS316 metal materials, so regardless of the acid or alkali solution, solvent, or various fuels, there are suitable products that can be used together.

  • The magnetic reed switch is completely isolated from the wire and liquid, so it can also be safely used in high temperature and high-pressure equipment.

  • Connecting rod type float level switch set, suitable for high temperature and high-pressure occasions.

  • 60VA dry contact reed switch, can choose normally open or normally closed by float ball installation position.

  • 316 SS float, conduit, and installation interface, suitable for harsh environments.

  • American standard (NEMA 4X) polypropylene housing with a rotatable base for easy electrical alignment adjustment.

  • Customizable catheter length and switch set point size.

FEEJOY can supply OEM service for multi-point level switches among all level switches suppliers, which include material, process connection, color, etc.

Application of Multi Point Level Switch

The Multiple point level switch is suitable for controlling the operation of the pump to maintain the liquid level; controlling the automatic loading and unloading of the tank; controlling the liquid level or supply signal, such as oil tank, automatic cleaning system, hydraulic tank, low-pressure boiler, sewage treatment system.

Multi Point Level Switch FAQs

How does the multi point level switch work?

Multi Point Level Switch Operating Principle: In a closed metal or plastic tube, set one or more points of magnetic reed switches, and then pass the tube through one or more, hollow with a ring-shaped magnet inside the float, and use the fixed ring to control the float, the reed and the switch is in the relevant position to make the float up and down within a certain range. The magnet in the float is used to attract the contacts of the reed switch, and the action of opening and closing is generated.

Why Choose Feejoy's multi point level switch?

The Multiple point level switch is a safe, reliable, easy to use, simple structure liquid level controller. One product can realize multi-point control. It is characterized by long life, fast speed and strong resistance to load shock.

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