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Mini Pressure Transmitter
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FEEJOY Mini Pressure Transmitter uses a high-performance silicon piezoresistive pressure flushing core, and the internal dedicated integrated circuit of the mini pressure sensor converts the sensor's millivolt signal into a standard voltage, current or frequency signal, which can be directly interfaced with a computer, control instrumentation, and intelligent convenient connection to instrument or PLC. Long-distance transmission can use current output mode.
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Features of Mini Pressure Transmitter

  • Mini pressure transmitter uses a high-performance pressure-sensitive chip, combined with circuit processing and temperature compensation technology, to convert the pressure change into a linear current or voltage signal.

  • The miniature pressure sensor transmitter, made by the pressure transducer supplier FEEJOY, is easy to install and simple, has extremely high vibration, high precision and shock resistance, and is widely used in industrial process control, aviation, automobiles, medical equipment, HVAC and other fields. As a professional mini pressure transducer manufacturer, FEEJOY provides different types of compact pressure sensor transmitters with small miniature sizes, light weights, and a full stainless steel sealed structure, which can be controlled in a corrosive environment.

  • It is suitable for measuring gases and liquids that are compatible with the materials of the contact parts. 

  • It can be used to measure gauge pressure, negative pressure, and absolute pressure.

Application of Mini Pressure Transmitter

Mini pressure transmitter can be used for various industrial automatic control environments, including water conservancy and hydropower, railway transportation, intelligent buildings, production automatic control, aerospace, military industry, petrochemical, oil wells, power, ships, machine tools, pipelines, and many other industries.

FEEJOY can supply OEM service for a low cost pressure transmitter among the pressure transmitter manufacturers, the customed pressure indicator can be perfect for each specific application.

Working Process of Mini Pressure Transmitter

A pressure transducer often called a pressure transmitter, is a transducer that converts pressure into an analog electrical signal. Although there are various types of pressure transducers, one of the most common is the strain-gage base transducer.

The conversion of pressure into an electrical signal is achieved by the physical deformation of strain gauges which are bonded into the diaphragm of the pressure transducer and wired into a wheatstone bridge configuration. Pressure applied to the pressure transducer produces a deflection of the diaphragm which introduces strain to the gages. The strain will produce an electrical resistance change proportional to the pressure.

Mini Pressure Transmitter FAQs

What is a Mini Pressure Transmitter?

Mini pressure transmitters, often called pressure transducers, are transducers that convert pressure into an analog electrical signal.

Why choose Feejoy's Mini pressure transmitter?

Mini pressure transmitter with high performance pressure sensitive chip, combined with circuit processing and temperature compensation technology, can be used in a variety of industrial automatic control environment.

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