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Capacitive Level Sensor
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FEEJOY Capacitive Level Sensor is a simple and cost-effective solution that uses changes in capacitance to maintain the liquid level in the vessel. Especially in small storage tanks and accumulation forming media. Point level detection can be used in conjunction with Liquicap, Liquipoint, Minicap or Solicap capacitive level switches, and can also be used in corrosive media and applications where large amounts of accumulation in liquids and solids. Inside the container, the container wall made of electrodes and conductive material forms a capacitor. For a given electrode, when the dielectric constant of the measured medium is constant, a fixed frequency measurement voltage is applied to the electrode. Thereafter, the current flowing through the capacitor depends on and is proportional to the peak value of the dielectric between the capacitor electrodes. As a capacitance level sensor manufacturer, we developed the capacitance type level transmitter with shortened cables and rods.
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Specification of Capacitive Level Sensor

We can offer variable OEM manufacturing service as a professional level sensor company:

Product Nameultrasonic level sensor
Working Pressure1Mpa
Process temp.-40°C~400°C
Working pressure-0.1Mpa~400MPa
Process Connection<0.02%/°C
Working Voltagethread, flange
Output Signaltwo-wire, material radar fule level transmitter with 4-20mA output
Explosion GradeExia llC T6/IP68
ApplicationFuel Level Sensor

Introduction to Capacitive Level Sensor

Capacitive level gauge/transmitter/sensor is a measuring instrument that uses the change of capacitance to measure the medium level in the container. Inside the container, the container wall made of electrodes and conductive material forms a capacitor. 

For a given electrode, when the dielectric constant of the measured medium is constant, add a fixed frequency measurement voltage to the electrode, then the current flowing through the capacitor depends on the height of the medium between the capacitor electrodes and is proportional to it.

Capacitance Type Level Transmitter Working Principle

Capacitance level transmitter is one of the electromagnetic level detection methods. It directly converts the level change into the amount of capacitance change, and then converts it into a unified standard electrical signal, which is transmitted to the actual instrument for indication, recording, alarm or control. 

Capacitance level gauge is composed of capacitance level sensor and circuit for detecting capacitance. As a capacitive level meter, it is suitable for the measurement of liquid level or powder level of various conductive and non-conductive liquids. Due to its simple sensor structure and no moving parts, it has a wide range of applications.

Advantages of Capacitive Level Sensor

Our company offers different types of level gauges, including capacitive level sensor and has realized the simple operation of feeding the capacitance level transmitter to complete the calibration in one time; thus it realizes the combination of the strong function and easy operation of the level measuring instrument, which fully reflects our innovative spirit and ability to keep pace with the times.

Capacitive Level Sensor FAQs

What does capacitive level sensor consist of?

It consists of a sensor and a secondary instrument partly composed. The sensor is placed on the top of the silo, and the probe extends vertically into the silo, twice the instrument should be placed in other suitable places.

How does capacitive level sensor work?

The sensor transforms the change of level into the corresponding electric pulse signal is transmitted to the secondary instrument for processing, and then the light column is used to display the object.

What is capacitive level sensor suitable for?

Bit height, with high / low limit alarm and 4 ~ 20mA transmission output, suitable for Liquid / solid material crop position height display, alarm, control and remote display or Make up the system.

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