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Cable Float Level Switch
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FEEJOY Cable Float Level Switch is a switch that can adjust the liquid level in barrels, tanks or wells. Our cable float switch has the feature of sturdy structure, low price, long life. It can measure liquids containing granular or lumpy impurities. In addition, the length of the cable can be customized.
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Specification of Cable Float Level Switch

We can manufacture according to customer's specification like:

Product NameCable level switch
MaterialSUS304 and SUS316
Colorany of color
Applicationwater, sewage, acid-bases liquid
Working Pressure±0.5Mpa
Cable Length4m(standard); customized
Installation Methodthrow-in type vertical installation
Working Temperature-10~150°C
Output SignalSPST NO/NC

Features of Cable Float Level Switch

General liquids can also be used. Any length of cable can be customized. The LS-S cable float switch is a metal cable float level switch, and the contact parts are mercury switches, which are characterized by high-temperature resistance, and the cable is made of highly flexible cable, which is durable.

Due to its simple, reliable, and economical convenience, it is widely used in the liquid level control of various large containers, especially in municipal water supply and drainage, fire protection, water treatment, and other industries.

Advantages of Cable Float Level Switch

  • The shell is made of engineering plastic, which has high mechanical strength and good sealing.

  • Cables are made of special materials, which are resistant to oil, acid, and alkali, and have excellent corrosion resistance.

  • Simple structure and reliable performance. It outputs stable and reliable "on" and "off" switch control signals without any misoperation, and has high reliability.

  • Simple installation and convenient debugging. Move the positioning weight up and down to adjust the control range of Huai surface at will.

FEEJOY can supply OEM service for different level switch types among all cable float level switch manufacturers, which include material, color, cable length, etc.

Working Process of Cable Float Level Switch

The basic components of the controller are composed of floats, cables, ropes, weights, etc., and the reed switch signaling group is all embedded in a sealed float. The reed pipe is placed at the root of the float, the magnetic ring is integrated with the moving hammer, and it can slide freely on the sliding tube. 

When the top of the float is down, the moving hammer slides to the top of the float, and the reed is away from the magnetic ring. At this time, the reed is open. When the root of the float is down, the moving hammer slides to the root of the float, and the reed Magnetic ring, dry reed pipe pull-in.

Cable Float Level Switch FAQs

What is a cable float level switch?

It is an integrally molded device using plastic injection.

Why choose Feejoy's cable float level switch?

The cable float level switch's structure is solid, the performance is stable and reliable, and it is non-toxic, corrosion-resistant, easy to install, long-distance multi-point control, submersible pump, fluctuating liquid or impurities. The liquid control effect is good.

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