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Product Features of Plug-in Intelligent Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Ⅰ. Introduction of plug-in intelligent electromagnetic flow meter

In the industry, we often use electromagnetic flow meters, but the general type of electromagnetic flow meter has a feature that it is difficult to install on large-diameter pipes, the installation price is high, and the medium must stop passing during installation, which will affect the low cost performance of the electromagnetic flowmeter under special working conditions.

Therefore, we manufacture a special upgraded version of the plug-in intelligent electromagnetic flow meter. Its built-in pressure hole installation technology can be installed normally without affecting the operation of our medium. It can also be installed in special pipelines and all kinds of steel pipes, cast iron pipes, and cement pipes commonly used in our pipelines. It can be said that this method of installation has greatly improved the cost-effectiveness of our plug-in intelligent electromagnetic flow meter, and also reduced the cost for our users!

Ⅱ. Product features of plug-in intelligent electromagnetic flow meter:

1. When the intelligent electromagnetic flow meter is working, the medium measured will not be affected by its inherent density, viscosity, temperature, pressure, and the increase or decrease of conductivity;

2. When the intelligent electromagnetic flow meter is working, it measures the the medium in the pipeline without obstacles, and the measured value will not be affected by the pressure loss;

3. The measurement result of electromagnetic meters: high accuracy, stable zero point, and wide range;

4. The plug-in converter can also be divided into one body or split body, which is convenient for installation and management;

5. Reliable measurement result, strong anti-interference ability;

6. The working structure of the intelligent electromagnetic flow meter is firm without moving parts, and has a long service life.

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