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Precision Flow Control Instruments
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Precision Flow Control Instruments

FEEJOY flow meter is a precision flow control instrument used to measure the linear, non-linear, mass or volume flow of liquid or gas. As a professional flowmeter manufacturer and supplier, we ensure the fastest response speed, excellent flowmeter transmitter product quality and the shortest delivery time. We provide the following various types of flow transmitters: electromagnetic flow meters, turbine flow meters, vortex flow meters and rotatory flow meters for different applications. Our flow meters have been widely used in industrial production to ensure product quality, improve production efficiency, and promote the development of science and technology.

Flow Metering Solutions

Electromagnetic flowmeters are widely used in various fields such as industrial and agricultural production, national defense construction, scientific research and foreign trade, and people's lives. In the production of the petroleum industry, from oil extraction, transportation, smelting and processing to trade sales, precision flow control instruments run through the entire process, and any link is inseparable from various types of flow sensor. Otherwise, normal production and trade of the petroleum industry will not be gauranteed.

Precision Flow Control Instruments

In the chemical industry using flow metering solutions, inaccurate flow measurement will result in an imbalance in the distribution ratio of chemical components, which makes it impossible to guarantee product quality. Serious production safety accidents will also occur. In the production of the electric power industry, the measurement and adjustment of the flow of liquid, gas, steam and other media occupy an important position.

The importance of Precision Flow Control Instruments

The accuracy of flow measurement and instrumentation not only has important economic significance to ensure that the power plant operates under the best parameters, but also has become an important part of ensuring the safe operation of power plants, with the development of high temperature, high pressure and large capacity equipment. To incorporate all these safety requirements into the design of the flowmeter, FEEJOY can also provide a competitive product level for all flow transmitters. Because we already have the most advanced engineering team and efficient production process.

Precision Flow Control Instruments

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