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Precautions for the Wiring of the Rotary Paddle Switch
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Precautions for the Wiring of the Rotary Paddle Switch

Rotary paddle switches are widely used in modern industrial production processes to monitor and control the upper and lower limits of the level of powder and granular materials in the silo.

Ⅰ. Precautions for the wiring of the rotary paddle switch

1. When the motor is running and there is no resistance on the blade, it means that the (COM, NC) line is connected. When the motor connection line is cut off and there is resistance on the blade, it means (COM, NO) is open circuit, and (COM, NC) is closed circuit.

2. When the resistance on the blade disappears and the motor rotates again, it means that the (COM, NC) line is connected and the action restarts.

3. The wiring inlet must face down, and the cable fixing nut must be locked.

4. On-site installation and maintenance must abide by the warning phrase "open the cover after power failure".

5. The cable of the rotating paddle level sensor generally uses a general-purpose cable with a circular cross-section, and the diameter of the cable cross-section is 5mm-9mm, otherwise the sealing effect of the cable entrance cannot be ensured.

Ⅱ. Features of rotary paddle switch

The rotary paddle switch is characterised by its small size, light weight, high cost performance, simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance, safe and reliable work, excellent corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and dust resistance. Thus, it is an ideal material level detection control instrument.

In addition, the rotary paddle switch also takes use of an overload protection device, which effectively avoids damage to the motor and reducer caused by improper use or abnormal external force. It is the above-mentioned characteristics that make the rotary paddle switch products widely used in metallurgy, mining, chemical, beverage, cement, plastic, chemical fiber industries such as powder, particles and other solid materials for high and low limit control.

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