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Precautions for Installation of Radar Level Meter in Desulfurization and Destocking Industry
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Precautions for Installation of Radar Level Meter in Desulfurization and Destocking Industry

Various control instruments will be used in the desulfurization and destocking industry system, including radar level meters, ultrasonic level meters, pressure transmitters, temperature transmitters, etc. The use of level meters in the liquid level measurement process is more widespread, especially radar level meters. Because compared with the magnetic flap level meter, the radar level meter is more cost-effective, more accurate, and can be installed in a small space of the liquid level storage tank. Therefore, from a comprehensive point of view, its market share is relatively high.

In the desulfurization and demarketing industry, the measurement accuracy and stability of the radar level meter are mainly concerned with the type of the product and its installation.

Ⅰ. The precautions for installing the radar level meter

1. Measure the position of the water level. It is appropriate to detect and install the radar level meter vertically downward.

2. Measure the material level: the microwave beam should be pointed at the bottom of the silo outlet.

3. The distance between the center of the microwave beam of the radar level instrument and the container wall should be greater than the radius of the beam at the lowest liquid level calculated from the beam angle and measurement range.

4. The beam path of the microwave should avoid the injection range of the container feed stream beam.

5. The path of the radar level meter microwave beam should avoid the agitator and other obstacles. In addition, the installation of a microwave level meter should also comply with the instructions of the manufacturer.

The installation of radar level meters in the desulfurization and demolition industry must follow the above installation requirements. Before installation, please select the model of the radar level meter first, according to the actual application requirements, project characteristics, and design conditions, to make the measurement data true, effective, and stable.

Ⅱ. What are the advantages of a radar level meter?

1. Wide measuring range

In the actual measurement process, from the shape of the tank, the radar level meter can be for each different liquid level to carry out a comprehensive measurement. It can measure the storage tank, buffer tank, and a variety of liquid positions. And from the measured medium, it can do a good measurement for liquids, particles, and other conditions.

Because of the characteristics of electromagnetic waves, the probe is not affected by temperature, pressure, or gas environment. Radar level meter has a wide range of applications, and its probe and the surface of the medium without any contact, which belongs to a non-contact measurement, can accurately and quickly measure a variety of different media.

2. Interference echo suppression function

In the process of actual measurement, the radar level meter can play an effective interference echo role. It can automatically suppress the interference echoes caused by noise or internal logic fuzzy control.

3. Save energy

The use of radar level meter measurement can save more energy. In the existing equipment used in the detection of energy waves, generally speaking, the frequency is about 8.3 Hz. And for this high-frequency electromagnetic wave, generally, the maximum pulse must also be in the 10,000 watts or so, which will not cause radiation damage to other equipment or personnel.

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