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Overview and Structural Features of the Diesel Level Meter
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Overview and Structural Features of the Diesel Level Meter

Overview of Diesel Level Meter:

The diesel level meter is also called magnetic flap level meter, which uses the magnetic float as the measuring element, and magnetic steel is used to drive the display on the flap column with no need of energy. It is suitable for all kinds of environments of low temperature or high temperature, vacuum or high pressure. It is an ideal liquid level measurement product for petroleum, chemical engineering and other industrial sectors.

Equipped with upper and lower limit switched output, the diesel level meter can realize remote alarming and limit control. Equipped with the transmitter, the liquid level can be remotely indicated, detected and controlled. Side loading and top loading are two available methods depending on the location of the installation on the container. According to the different media, two materials including ABS engineering plastic and stainless steel are provided; And ABS is especially suitable for acid, alkali and other corrosive media.

Diesel Level Meter

Diesel Level Meter has the Following Structural Features:

1). Upper and lower limit switched output
Use the magnetic float to move with the liquid level, which gives a rise to the on-off action of the reed mounted on the set position of the level meter standpipe to realize on-off control or alarming.

2). Remote electric transmission
Install the transmitter on the magnetic float level meter. The transmitter consists of two parts, sensors and switches, which moves up and down through the magnetic float, so as to make measuring elements in conduit act in turn via magnetic coupling, and obtain the resistance signal change. Then, it is changed into 0 to 10 or 4 to 20mA standard current signal for output, so as to realize the connection with digital display instrument or computer, and remote display and control.

3). Basic type
The diesel level meter is designed according to the principle of buoyancy. The float moves up and down in the measuring tube with the rise and fall of the liquid level. *Magnetic steel in the float drives the red and white flap column to overturn 180°when the liquid level rises, and the column turns from white to red. Then the flap column turns from red to white when the liquid level drops. Therefore the indication of the liquid level can be realized.

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