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Notes for Installation of Electromagnetic Flow Meter
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Notes for Installation of Electromagnetic Flow Meter

The main components of electromagnetic flow meter are: measuring tube, electrode, excitation coil, iron core and magnetic yoke shell. The electromagnetic flow meter working is to measure the flow volume of conductive liquid and slurry in closed pipeline.


Pay attention to the following nine points when installing electromagnetic type flow meter:

1. You can put the magnetic level gauge with transmitter and flow meter alarm on anywhere according to your demands, but the electrode axis must be about horizontal;

2. The measuring tube must be fully filled with medium, and accurate measurement can be obtained only when the pipe is full. For partially filled measuring pipe, the installation method similar to the vent valve shall be adopted. Caution, do not install at the low position in order to prevent solid accumulation. Do not install the sensor at the inlet of the pump so as to prevent vacuum;

3. During installation, make sure there is enough space near the flange of the pipe;

4. The pipes on both sides of the flow meter shall be firmly supported. Do not install them in places with strong vibration;

5. In order to make the instrument with high precision and free from the interference of external potential, the sensor should have a good independent grounding wire with the grounding resistance less than 10 Ω;

6. To make the installation of electromagnetic flow transmitter easier, expansion pipes can be used for large size instruments with DN > 200 to allow axial displacement of butt flange;

7. Measured from the electrode axis, the length of the shortest straight pipe in the upstream shall be 5DN, and that in the downstream be 2DN (DN represents the inner diameter of the pipeline);

8. The connection wire shall be shielded cable, and double-layer shielded cable is better. Do not let the signal converter (or power amplifier) be directly exposed to the sun. If necessary, the sun shield can be an option;

9. For the swirling or spiral flow of fluid, the upper and lower straight pipe sections shall be lengthened and the flow straightener shall be installed.

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