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At present, the widely used vibration tuning fork level switch needs to ensure that a considerable part of it is inserted into the material to be measured. Because viscous materials are easy to stick to these forks, it often causes measurement errors. Coarse granular media such as corn is easily piled up between the tuning fork bodies, and measurement errors will also occur. In addition, the tuning fork is not only difficult to clean, but also different substances such as liquid and powder must use different tuning fork structures.
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Reliable level monitoring independent of media

The sensor probe is made of approved special PEEK plastic and only extends 15 mm into the inside of the process. Therefore, the blocking of material flow or shadow interference caused by the sensor is completely eliminated. Sensor start-up and operation are equally simple. All media can be set before the factory for analog configuration. If the user needs extended functions such as media separation or PWM, then the software can be used to easily configure

At present, many industrial facilities use automated systems for online monitoring throughout the day. In industrial processing, it is often necessary to detect the filling level of liquids and bulk materials, including trains and ships that need to control storage tanks and hydraulic machinery. Feejoy Technology's FMS series level switches use frequency scanning technology, suitable for high viscosity liquids and solid or liquid media. The probes of these sensors are extremely small and can even be integrated into small diameter pipes. These sensors are not affected by turbulence, sedimentation, bubbles, foam, suspended or floating particles, so they can meet the requirements of the most demanding applications.

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