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Magnetic Level Gauge Installation
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Magnetic Level Gauge Installation

1. Before use, the magnetic ball gauge steel should be used to set the small ball below zero to red, and the other balls to white, so that it can be easily viewed;

2. The medium measured by the plate liquid level meter should not contain solid impurities or magnetic substances, etc., to avoid jamming the float and causing inaccurate measurement;

3. Open the bottom flange and install the magnetic float (remember: the heavy end with the magnetic end is upward, and it cannot be flipped.);

4. The installation position of the magnetic flap level gauge should avoid or stay away from the inlet and outlet of the material medium to avoid the rapid change of the material fluid local area and affect the accuracy of the liquid level measurement;

Fifth, the magnetic flap level gauge when equipped with remote transmission supporting instruments need to do the following:

1. The remote transmission supporting instrument should be close to the main conduit of the level gauge and fixed with a stainless steel hoop (do not use iron)

2. The zero position of the remote transmission supporting instrument and the zero indication of the liquid level gauge are on the same horizontal line;

3. The sensing surface on the remote transmission supporting instrument should be close to the main catheter;

4. The connection between the remote transmission supporting instrument and the display instrument, it is best to lay the protective tube alone or use shielded two-core cable;

5. After laying the inlet hole of the junction box, it must be well sealed to avoid the intrusion of rain and moisture, which will prevent the remote supporting instruments from working properly. The junction box should be covered in time after repair or debugging.

Sixth, it must be installed vertically, and a ball valve should be installed between the magnetic flap level gauge and the container guide tube to facilitate maintenance and cleaning;

7. According to the condition of the measurement medium, the main pipe should be cleaned from time to time to remove impurities to avoid jamming the float, resulting in inaccurate measurement;

8. For the magnetic float gauge over a certain length, it is best to add a solid flange or ear pan for fixed support in order to increase strength and overcome its own weight;

9. During commissioning, the upper pilot valve should be opened first, and then the lower valve should be slowly opened to allow the medium to enter the main conduit smoothly (during operation, the medium should be prevented from rapidly impacting the float, causing the float to fluctuate drastically and affecting the accuracy of the display) Is the magnetic red and white ball flipping normal? Then close the lower drain valve and open the drain valve to let the liquid level in the main pipe drop. Operate three times according to this method, if it is normal, it can be put into operation (except for corrosive and other special liquids);

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