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Introduction of Liquid Level Probe for Liquid Level Measurement
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Introduction of Liquid Level Probe for Liquid Level Measurement

1. Liquid level sensor: liquid level probe used for liquid level measurement

The liquid level probe is a liquid level sensor that can be used for liquid level measurement in various liquid media. Due to its special design and related advantages, liquid level probes are used in many different ways, especially in industry. We showed in detail the possibilities of this liquid level probe and its application in different fields. Because the type of pressure measurement and the application field of the liquid level sensor are significantly different depending on the equipment and design.

2. Application fields of various liquid level sensors

Fluid level sensors are usually used in different areas. Especially in water, wastewater and sewage, sensors usually have to monitor a large amount of liquid and its level. Generally, liquid level measurement sensors are usually used wherever the pump moves liquid or medium. For example, if the pump is empty, they may be damaged, causing significant losses. Therefore, the liquid level in the tank should be continuously monitored to ensure the smooth progress. For this reason, liquid level sensors are used in a variety of different ways, including in production, but also in the fields of water supply and wastewater treatment. Therefore, the users of our liquid level sensors include not only manufacturing companies in the private sector, but also regional suppliers and waste disposal companies.

Therefore, a liquid level probe must be designed so that different requirements can be easily and comprehensively met. If possible, the level sensor should be able to be used in the largest possible environment without having to convert it to a corresponding level measurement. Our liquid level probes are suitable for water, wastewater and grey water, as well as many other media. This means that the liquid level sensor can fully meet the high requirements of our customers.

3. The level measurement of the level probe depends on many factors

In most cases, the liquid level measurement of the liquid level probe is done by the so-called hydrostatic pressure level measurement. This method can provide very high accuracy for the liquid level sensor, and can also determine the liquid level of the tank or area in a very clearly defined unit of measurement. In order for this method to be successfully applied to horizontal probes, various factors must be understood and incorporated into the measurement value. Among other things, the exact density of the medium must be known in order to take it into account in the level measurement. After all, the level sensor must work precisely.

For example, because oil and water have different densities, the liquid level sensors configured in the same way can output completely different values at the same liquid level. Only when the sensor matches the selected medium can the correct measurement result be obtained when measuring the liquid level. If the tank is under pressure, other regulations and deviations apply. For example, a single level probe is no longer sufficient, but a second pressure sensor must determine the so-called top pressure in the tank. This is the only way to use the level probe in the pressure tank to obtain the high accuracy required in level measurement.

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