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Installation Steps of Electromagnetic Flow Meter
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Installation Steps of Electromagnetic Flow Meter

1. Preparation for installation of electromagnetic flow meter

Before installation of electromagnetic flow meter, its parameters should be carefully checked, mainly including checking whether its diameter, lining, electrode and other parameters meet the design requirements. Electromagnetic flow meter with centralized BA control needs confirmation of its matching with control system.   

Before installation, anti-corrosion treatment should be carried out for installed pipelines. Clean the flange interface. After confirming the flow direction of the measured substance, prepare for installation according to the direction calibrated on the electromagnetic flow meter.   

2. Selection of installation orientation of electromagnetic flow meter

Since the electromagnetic flow meter is installed on the fluid pipeline, the accuracy of its measurement data is related to the fullness of its internal liquid substance, so you should pay attention to the following points when selecting the installation position:

(1) The electromagnetic flow meter should not be installed on the suction side of the pump;

(2) In the pipeline with open discharge, the electromagnetic flow meter should be installed at the bottom section where liquid can be stored, so as not to affect the measurement accuracy by sucking air backwards;

(3) When a valve needs to be installed near the electromagnetic flow meter, the valve should be installed downstream of the flowmeter;

(4) When the drop of the pipeline is large, it is necessary to set up an upward bending and discharging valve at the downstream of the electromagnetic flow meter;

(5) When installing the electromagnetic flow meter, the possibility of bubbles in the pipeline should be fully considered and avoided.  

3. Installation and grounding of electromagnetic flow meter

The electromagnetic flow meter is usually installed in flange type. Matching flange can be used to connect the pipelines. Before installation, it should be ensured that the purging and pressure test of the pipeline have been completed.   

Because the measurement induced current of electromagnetic flow meter is small, the voltage is low, and it is easily affected by external electromagnetic noise, reliable grounding connection (cross connection) is necessary during installation.

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