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Inspection of Different Parts of Electromagnetic Flow Meter
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Inspection of Different Parts of Electromagnetic Flow Meter

1. Zero point inspection of electromagnetic flow meter

When the measuring tube of electromagnetic flow meter sensor is filled with no flowing liquid, many enterprises do not have the conditions and give up the zero-point inspection and adjustment of the whole machine. At this time, the converter can be independently checked and adjusted for zero point.

Technically speaking, it has practical significance only after the sensor is checked and the insulation resistance of the excitation circuit and signal circuit of the sensor is normal (including cables), otherwise the whole electromagnetic flow meter will not run normally.

2. Inspection of the connecting cable of electromagnetic flow meter

It includes checking the conduction insulation resistance between the signal line and each core of the excitation line, and checking whether the grounding of each shielding layer is in good condition.

3. Inspection of the converter of electromagnetic flow meter

The content of this inspection is to replace the sensor with the analog signal device matched with the general instrument and flowmeter model to provide the flow signal for zero adjustment and calibration. Calibration includes zero point check and adjustment, set point check, excitation current measurement, current/frequency output check, etc. It should be noted that the inspection items should be compared with the last inspection value (or factory value) to analyze whether there is any change or whether the change meets the original measurement requirements.

4. Inspection of the sensor of electromagnetic flow meter

(1) Check the insulation resistance of the excitation coil;

(2) Check the electrode contact resistance;

(3) Check the insulation between signal circuit and excitation circuit/signal circuit.

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