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How to Troubleshoot the Fault of Rotary Paddle Switch?
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How to Troubleshoot the Fault of Rotary Paddle Switch?

1. How rotary paddle switch works?

Rotary paddle switch is a kind of material level measuring instrument which uses micro motor as driving device. Its transmission shaft is connected with clutch. When the material is not touched, the motor runs normally. When the blade touches the material, the motor stops rotating, so that the detection device outputs a contact signal and cuts off the power supply to stop rotating.

2. Steps for troubleshooting the fault of rotary paddle switch


Generally, the motor is the most critical and easily worn part of the rotary paddle switch, which is as important to the rotary paddle type level switch as the heart is to people. If the motor is of poor quality or ordinary, the service life of rotary paddle switch will be shortened. Therefore, when the rotary paddle switch fails, the first thing to do is to open the rotary paddle switch junction box, remove the power base, power on and observe the motor operation. If the motor fails, the motor will make abnormal noise when the spindle does not rotate or the spindle is idling. The only way to solve the problem is to contact the manufacturer to replace the motor. Therefore, it is suggested that users should not only focus on the cheap price when purchasing the rotary paddle switch, but also choose the switch with excellent quality, high reliability and long service life.


If the motor operates normally, observe whether the switch output signal is abnormal. If the switch output signal is switched normally, the circuit board damage can be eliminated. If the switch output signal is abnormal, it can be judged that the circuit board itself is damaged and should be sent to the factory for maintenance.


If the size of the spindle and the parts on the spindle is not correct, the spindle will be jammed. When the spindle is jammed, the rotating paddle switch will cause the spindle idling with abnormal noise, which is easy to lead to false alarm and even reduce the service life of the instrument. To solve the problem, the manufacturer is required to replace the parts with correct size and assemble them in strict accordance with the requirements of process documents to ensure the full lubrication of parts.


If the instrument itself is normal, it is necessary to check whether the on-site installation is reasonable: firstly, confirm whether the aperture size of the installation base plate is appropriate; secondly, check whether the installation of short pipe is concentric with the opening position, and whether the opening of the base plate is reasonable.

Hopefully, after learning the above steps, users can give priority to troubleshooting when they encounter abnormal rotary paddle switch, so as to ensure the normal production.

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