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Steam Flow Meter Selection
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Steam Flow Meter Selection

1. Steam flow meter is used for total measurement, especially for trade settlement occasions. It is recommended to use 10VME flow sensor with pulse signal output instead of 10VTE flow transmitter.

Reason: The pulse signal output by the flow sensor directly corresponds to the vortex separation frequency, which has a cumulative accuracy. The pulse signal transmission effect is better, and the price is lower than the flow transmitter. The flow transmitter is an analog signal output with full scale accuracy and poor accumulative accuracy, which is not suitable for total measurement purposes.

2. In general, it is recommended to use flange-mounted steam flow meters. It has a more compact structure and a lower price than the flange connection flowmeter.

3. Explosion-proof steam flow meters should be used in dangerous explosion scenes. Since explosion-proof instruments are not allowed to be used in Class 0 hazardous locations, and they are not allowed to open the case on site for circuit adjustment, it is strongly recommended that users try to use intrinsically safe explosion-proof vortex flow meter. Only in special circumstances, it is recomended to consider the use of explosion-proof steam flow meters.

4. Choose the DIN/ANSI standard steam flow meter carefully. The actual diameter of the DIN/ANSI instrument is inconsistent with the internal diameter of the GB international pipeline. When the tested pipeline is the GB international pipeline, if the flowmeter manufactured according to the DIN/ANSI standard is used, it will encounter installation and use problems. Only when the pipe is a DIN/ANSI pipe, the DIN/ANSI standard steam flow meter is used.

5. The standard material 1Cr18Ni9Ti can be applied to most conventional media, including some corrosive media, saturated steam and superheated steam. It is not necessary to use special materials for non-special highly corrosive media, because the latter is expensive and has a long processing period.

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