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How to Select the Electromagnetic Flow Meter in the Water Supply Industry?

When the measurement data of the water supply industry is used for trade settlement, the requirements for measurement accuracy will be highER. According to GB/T 17167, the accuracy should be ±2.5%R. For large-caliber meters, some users require up to ±0.5%R.

The selection of electromagnetic flow meters in the water supply industry has the following characteristics:

1. The electromagnetic flow meter has high requirements for the measurement range. Household users use it intermittently. Even for large enterprises and institutions, water consumption varies greatly between day and night, between different seasons, and at various stages of production, operation, management, or service.

2. The environment is harsh, and large-diameter pipelines are usually laid underground. Therefore, most electromagnetic flowmeters are installed in meter wells. If you are not careful, the rainwater will flood the meter. Therefore, the flow meter should have an environmental protection capability of IP68.

3. The cleanliness of the raw water is poor, and the pressure in the pipeline is not high. Under the condition of low-speed flow in large-diameter pipelines, silt is easy to accumulate on the pipe wall. Therefore, the selection of electromagnetic flow meter should consider the influence of silt, and the cleaning of silt should be considered during engineering design and installation.

Based on the above characteristics, the current selection of electromagnetic flow meters in the water supply industry tends to be unanimous. Large-caliber flowmeters used for trade settlement are most suitable for the selection of electromagnetic flow meters, which can fully meet the above requirements. Rotary-wing water meters are used for flow measurement.

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