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How to Maintain Ultrasonic Flowmeter?
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How to Maintain Ultrasonic Flowmeter?

After having a certain understanding of the working principle and usage of ultrasonic flowmeter, what we need to know now is that it is used in various places and fields of measuring flow. And after use, we have to maintain it. Is there any measure to extend its service life?

1. Check and verify in time

For users who install a large number of fixed ultrasonic flowmeters on site with a wide range, they can be equipped with a portable ultrasonic flowmeter of the same type to verify the conditions of field instruments. Firstly, it is to ensure one installation and one calibration, that is, to check each newly installed ultrasonic flow meter during installation and commissioning to ensure that the location is selected, installed, and the measurement is accurate. Secondly, when the flow rate of the online ultrasonic flowmeter changes, it is necessary to use the portable ultrasonic flow meter for timely verification, find out the cause of the sudden change in the flow, and find out whether the meter is malfunctioning or the flow has indeed changed. In this way, the usage status of the flowmeter can be monitored, and then the problem can be checked before maintenance. If you have any problem, you can contact our ultrasonic level sensor manufacturer.

2. Regular maintenance

Compared with other flow meters, the maintenance work of ultrasonic flow meters is relatively easy. For example, for an ultrasonic flowmeter with external transducers, there is no water pressure loss or potential water leakage after installation. You only need to check whether the transducer is loose and whether the adhesive between it and the pipe is good; as for plug-in ultrasonic flowmeter, it is necessary to regularly clean up the impurities and scales deposited on the probe for water leakage. And it is necessary to check whether the flange connection between the integrated ultrasonic flowmeter and the pipeline is good, and consider the influence of the site temperature and humidity on its electronic components. In conclusion, regular maintenance can ensure the long-term stable operation of the ultrasonic flowmeter. The maintenance of instrumentation is a long-term process, and the same is true for other instruments.

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