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How to Maintain the Pressure Transmitter?
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How to Maintain the Pressure Transmitter?

In order to make the pressure transmitter work normally, we must maintain it carefully. The following are several aspects that should be paid attention to when maintaining the pressure transmitter.

1. Carefully clean: 

Before using a wire brush or special compound to clean the extruder barrel, all sensors should be disassembled, because these two cleaning methods may damage the sensor's vibration film. When the barrel is heated, the sensor should also be disassembled and the top of the sensor should be wiped with a soft cloth that will not wear out. At the same time, the hole of the sensor should be cleaned with a clean drill and guide sleeve.

2. Keep it dry: 

Although the circuit design of the sensor can withstand the harsh extrusion processing environment, most sensors are not absolutely waterproof, and it is not conducive to normal operation in a humid environment. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the water in the water cooling device of the extruder barrel does not leak, otherwise it will adversely affect the sensor. If the sensor has to be exposed to water or a humid environment, it is necessary to choose a special sensor with extremely strong water resistance.

3. Choose an appropriate location: 

When the pressure sensor is installed too close to the upstream of the production line, unmelted materials may wear the top of the sensor. If the sensor is installed too far behind, there may be a stagnation zone of molten material between the sensor and the screw stroke, where the molten material may be degraded, and the pressure signal may also be distorted. If the sensor is too deep into the barrel, the screw may touch the top of the sensor during rotation and cause damage. Generally speaking, the sensor can be located on the barrel in front of the filter, before and after the melt pump, or in the mold.

4. Keep the installation hole clean: 

It is very important to keep the installation hole clean and prevent the melt from clogging to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Before the extruder is cleaned, all pressure sensors should be removed from the barrel to avoid damage. When the sensor is removed, the melt may flow into the mounting hole and harden. If these residual melt are not removed, the top of the sensor may be damaged when the sensor is installed again. The cleaning kit can well remove these melt residues. However, repeated cleaning processes may deepen the damage to the sensor caused by the mounting hole. If this happens, measures should be taken to raise the position of the sensor in the mounting hole.

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