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How to Install a Magnetic Level Gauge to Get a Better Effect?
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How to Install a Magnetic Level Gauge to Get a Better Effect?

Ⅰ. The correct use method of magnetic level gauge

1. Before use, first check whether the magnetic level gauge is within the verification period, otherwise, it should be verified, and if it is not qualified, replace it in time.

2. The sensor should be installed horizontally, and the lowering length should meet the technical requirements.

3. The connection between the sensor and the explosion-proof junction box should be tight, and no rainwater should leak into it.

4. The wiring should be carried out in accordance with the instruction manual, and cannot be short-circuited or connected incorrectly.

5. The level gauge with transmitter must work within the set range.

Ⅱ. The correct maintenance method of the magnetic level gauge

1. After the sensor has been in operation for 6 months to 1 year, visual inspection and routine calibration should be carried out.

2. Regularly check whether the sensor is bent or deformed by external force to avoid ball jamming.

3. Regularly check whether the sensor's magnetic induction switch element is aging and malfunctioning, not less than once a month.

4. The sensor detection cycle is 1 year.

5. Check that the protective sleeve of the magnetic level gauge must not leak water.

Ⅲ. The application and characteristics of the magnetic level gauge

Magnetic level gauges are used for liquid level detection of various pressure-bearing (or open) liquid storage equipment (towers, cylinders, tanks, spherical vessels and boilers) in industrial processes.

It can display the working conditions and liquid level height of various liquids on the spot. Equipped with a liquid level transmitter, the position signal of the liquid level can be transmitted remotely. The purpose of automatic control and measurement of liquid level is achieved through certain electrical devices.

The magnetic level gauge has the direct-reading characteristics of on-site display. It does not require multiple sets of level gauges. It has the advantages of a single unit for full-range measurement, fewer openings in the equipment, clear display, eye-catching signs, and intuitive readings. When the magnetic level gauge is directly equipped with a display instrument, the intermediate transmission of the signal detection of the system can be omitted, thereby improving its transmission accuracy.

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