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How to Deal with the Abnormal Indication of Ball Float Level Indicator?
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How to Deal with the Abnormal Indication of Ball Float Level Indicator?

Ⅰ. Introduction of ball float level indicator

Ball float level indicator has the advantages of simple structure, convenient debugging, good reliability and high precision. Ball float level indicator can be widely used for continuous measurement of liquid level (boundary) of high temperature, high pressure, viscous, dirty medium, asphalt, waxy oil and flammable, explosive, corrosive medium. Ball float level indicator can be used to measure and control the liquid level of various liquid tanks in petroleum, chemical raw material storage, industrial process, biochemistry, medicine, food and beverage, tank farm management and underground storage of gas station. Ball float level indicator is also suitable for monitoring dam water level, reservoir water level, and making sewage treatment, etc.

However, the ball float level indicator is not always perfect in use. Occasionally, there are some small problems, such as abnormal indication, interference caused by the surrounding magnetic field to the instrument, or the floating ball is stuck and unable to move. So how should we deal with the abnormal indication?

Ⅱ. Failures of the ball float level indicator and corresponding solutions

1. The indicated value is in the maximum state

According to the investigation, this kind of problem often appears in the atmospheric workshop. When we find that the counterweight of the ball float level indicator is at the lowest point, the liquid level must be very high at this time, and the glass plate is inconsistent with the indicator of the instrument, and the value is maximized. In view of this kind of problem, it is very likely that the false appearance is caused by the damage of the instrument float. Of course, there is no need to be panic. Replacing the float ball in time can solve this kind of problem.

2. The floating ball does not change with the liquid level and is in the highest position

When this kind of situation is found, it is usually the problem of floating ball. It is most likely that the floating ball falls off. In view of this situation, the staff only need to check and re-install the floating ball in time.

3. The indication value is generally low

There are many reasons for this situation. Sometimes, the falling off of the floating ball will lead to this situation. In addition, the connecting rod between the floating balls will be broken, and the pointer or head of the floating ball will be damaged. Therefore, in solving this problem, careful inspection of the level indicator transmitter becomes very important.

For example, it is necessary to check whether the pressing instrument can work normally, whether the floating ball connecting rod can rotate flexibly, and whether the pointer and meter head are damaged. If there is no problem with them, then you only need to replace the broken connecting rod. However, if there is still a fault after replacement, there must be a loophole in the previous inspection. Please check again carefully.

4. The transmitter suddenly has no indication

When this kind of fault occurs, first check whether the voltage at the electric circuit has signal display, if not, then measure whether the power supply of the primary element is normal. When the measurement display is normal, that is, the polarity is not reversed, and there is no power output in the current conversion part, the instrument head must be damaged, and the problem can be solved by timely maintenance or replacement of the instrument head.

The above four aspects explain the possible failures of the ball float level indicator and solutions. The failure of the instrument is not terrible. With timely repair and routine maintenance, the ball float level indicator can be used for a longer time.

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