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How to Connect the Pulse Signal of Vortex Type Flow Meter?
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How to Connect the Pulse Signal of Vortex Type Flow Meter?

1. Introduction of vortex type flow meter

Vortex type flow meter is a kind of velocity flow meter. Based on Karman vortex theory, piezoelectric crystal is used to detect the frequency of vortex generated by fluid passing through triangular cylinder in pipe, so as to measure the flow rate of fluid. The instrument adopts differential technology, isolation, shielding, filtering and other measures to overcome the problems of poor seismic performance and small signal data confusion of similar products, and adopts sensor packaging technology and protection measures to ensure the reliability of the product. Vortex type flow meter is a single flow signal measurement based on shunt. Temperature sensor and pressure sensor can be configured for compensation measurement, which can adapt to different installation environment and data transmission.

2. Pulse signal of vortex type flow meter

The three-wire flow sensor with output frequency signal is powered by DC24 V or DC12 V power supply. It is usually connected to a display instrument or computer through a three-core shielded cable. The shielding layer shall be reliably connected to the grounding screw of the amplifier housing. The selection of shielded cable shall meet the requirements of site environment. In addition, shielded cables shall be separated from other strong power lines and shall not be laid in parallel.

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